View Full Version : 2250 DE vs Lizardmen

29-10-2010, 08:40
Dreadlord, General, HA, Shield, Dark Pegasus, Caledor's Bane, Potion of Strength, Talisman of Preservation - 299 Pts.

Death Hag, Cauldron of Blood, BSB - 225 Pts.
Sorceress, lvl2, Scroll, Lore of Shadows - 160 Pts.
Sorceress, lvl2, Lore of Shadows - 135 Pts.

40 Dark Elf Warriors, Shields, FC - 295 Pts.
15 Dark Riders, M, C - 276 Pts.

18 Black Guards, FC - 269 Pts.
15 Executioners, FC - 210 Pts.

War Hydra - 175 Pts.
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers - 200 Pts.

Total: 2244

My opponent's list goes something like

Slann mage priest with temple guard
2x 24 Saurus (FC)
1 Ancient and 1 normal stegadon
2x 7 chamelions
Salamander hunting pack (3 salamanders)

The idea is that my general should go for the stegadons. My bolt throwers are to try and attack different units, so that he can only heal one, and also to target the salamanders. Dark riders are there to get rid of the chamelions and then flank charge the saurus. Exectutioners will also try and flank, but that depends on the situation. Mages cast - I will mainly try to cast pit of shade and mind razor if I get them.

This is a very friendly game, so not too much cheese please. I am playing this battle this afternoon, so any suggestions would be very welcome. :)

06-11-2010, 14:17
I won
but it was a good game and my list was CHEEZZEE