View Full Version : What number beastmen

29-10-2010, 13:14
The later upgrades have given me two half done armies. Beastmen and warriors of chaos. I also had some daemons, but they are traded away.

I need to upgrade my Ungor and gor units. What numbers are most sencible?
I guess my spear ungors would do best in a 50 Ungor strong unit in horde formation.

But what about the gors? The big base have got me into thinking that they are best suited for a 30 gor strong unit with deep ranks.

Bestigors I guess will work fine in a 20 men strong unit who acts as support for the other “main” units.

29-10-2010, 18:14
Ungors with spears are pretty much for the beast banner BSB to join, making that a ton of S4 attacks.

Gors you've got spot on. 30 gors with additional handweapons, 5 or 6 wide.

Bestigors take 25-35 with full command and one of the flaming banner, the manbane standard or the banner of discipline (if the general's in the unit). Take advantage of the fact that they're the only unit we have that can take magic banners.

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