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28-05-2005, 16:59
Hi i have been thinking alot of changing my current list. So this is what i have come up with.

Alternative 1:


Lord of Chaos Great Weapon; Slaanesh; Armour of Damnation; Gaze of the Gods; Book of Secrets; Barded Chaos Steed Fire lore

Dark Emissary Staff of Darkness; The Spiral; 265

Bray-Shaman Undivided; Dispel Scroll(x2) 125 Beast lore

Sorcerer of Chaos Chaos Armor; Undivided; Level 2; Power Familiar; Barded Chaos Steed 186 Fire lore


Knights (Chosen) 7 Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; Slaanesh; Rapturous Standard 435

Warriors of Chaos 12 Great Weapon; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; Slaanesh 242

Marauder Horsemen 5 Flail; Musician 81


Chaos Furies 5 75


Chaos Giant 1 Mutant Monstrosity 225

Total 1999

PD: 10

DD: 7 + 2 scrolls

The lord is pretty expensive and i wonder how much use he would actually be. The chosen knights doesnt actually need alot of support. (especially not with the raptorus banner)

Alternative 2:


Exalted Champion of Chaos; Great Weapon; Slaanesh; Armour of Damnation; Barded Chaos Steed 170

Dark Emissary Staff of Darkness; The Spiral; 265

Bray-Shaman ; Undivided; Dispel Scroll(x2) 125 Beast lore

Sorcerer of Chaos, Chaos Armor; ; Undivided; Level 2 Wizard; Power Familiar; Barded Chaos Steed 186 Fire lore


Knights (Chosen) 7 Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; Slaanesh; Rapturous Standard 435

Marauders of Chaos 30 Light Armour; Standard Bearer; Champion; Musician; Shield 235

Marauder Horsemen 5 Hand Weapon; ; Flail; Musician 1C 81

Warhounds of Chaos 6 36


Chaos Furies 5 75


Chaos Giant Mutant Monstrosity 225

Leadbelchers 3 Leadbelcher Cannon; Light Armour; 165

Total 1998

PD: 9

DD: 6 + 2 scrolls

This army have discarded the lord, and included some hounds and artillery fire. Also the marauders have replaced the warriors here. Some extra ranks and staying power in the marauders maybe. Do you have any suggestions on what list i should go for, and any advice on units i should remove/add?

29-05-2005, 15:19
I am currently working on an army list containing a Chaos Giant with mutant monstrosity, and I am not convinced by it at all. Very random, sometimes fun and spectacular, oftern frustrating. A bullet/crossbow/arrow magnet. A lot more fragile than in the previous edition.

31-05-2005, 22:10
Have you thought about some cheap beasts. They can help screen your more expensive troops that will get shot up.

Also, you have invested alot of points in characters. This is a common flaw with most Chaos players in my opinion. These guys are so nasty anyways that they do not need to get pumped up even further. Use some of the extra points allocated to magical weapons and get more troops.

I like the exalted hero as lord with slaanesh. Why do you need to pay 110 pts for one more Ws and 1 more ld that you will not use.

I like the marauders for staying power but not as a center block. That rank will get cut down or flanked.

I do not like so many chosen knights. I can see that you want to power up these cavalry and have a 2nd horsemen group to balance your characters out. But I think that your horses will go galavanting off and leave your infantry to the slaughter. If this is you plan then great, but remember that you will need to turn after you have chased your opponent from breaking them and be able to charge what the opponent wants you to.

I say get some beasts for screening.

As for the Giant, yes he is unpredictable, but can also be effective and deadly. Remember your opponent will also know that he is unpredictable and will aslo need to guard against this. At bear minimum, he is stubborn on ld 10; a good price with 6 wounds (flank).

01-06-2005, 07:12
Well first off. I do have a beast herd and i used it alot in my last list. The main problem tho was that they used to get it the way. they could screen my warriors pretty good, but when they fleed from a charge, many times they got stuck in front of my unit and stopped my warriors from doing anything and then next turn i got charged.

Ye im investing quite abit on chars. Thats why i will probably drop the lord status on my general. I have played about 3 games with each list now (havent got the giant yet, so havent tried him). But in those 3 games i have been lucky and got the unbreakable spell from the slaneesh lore. MAking the marauders or my warriors unbreakable is just great :D

The thing about the chose knights is that as they are now they have a "small" frontage which makes the turning after a pursuit alot less difficult. Also they can stand to lose 1-2 from artillery without it making too much difference. Also the furies are usually screening the knights in the beginning of the game, before they go warmachine hunting.

But for the beast screen, do you have any advice on how to use them good? Most of the time my enemy charged them. Then if i fled he could redirect, if i hold he would overrun.. So i got pretty tired of them (but maybe i just used them wrong..)

04-06-2005, 16:30
in both lists i would drop teh DE since it takes a lot of your pts and also made the chosen just regular knights since wath conserns me is you have so few units ans so few models and are very likely to get outmanuvered.

04-06-2005, 18:55
Thereīs one thing that I notice in the both variants. They both one unit with movement of 4 while all other units have at least 6. So you either move all in line where the others canīt use their speed to their advantage or you leave that one unit marching almost alone vulnerable to enemy flankers... Perhaps you could replace the warriors in Alternative 1 with a unit 5 knights with full command. You could put your lord with them...

05-06-2005, 10:43
Yes i have thought about this. But im thinking that i need a solid infantry block. I can screen them with dogs, and support their flank with marauders if needed. But in some games i have played its has become a big problem that the infantery is lagging behind. Tho i have been lucky on some spells getting of the "unbreakable-remains in play slaneesh spell" and also the wolven hunts making them go 2d6 forward. :)

05-06-2005, 11:08
Yeah maybe, but neither of these lists has any slaaneshi spellcasters and the propability of getting wolves hunt is 1/6... ;)

In the Alternative 2 I would at least lower the number of marauders to 25. The effectiveness of the unit wouldnīt really be compromised and with the freed 35 points you could get the extra level for your shaman doubling your chances for fore-mentioned spell or 6 more warhounds to help you protect the unit...

Have you tested the magical side of the list? To me it seems a little half-way there. I mean 10 dice, but only two who can really get any useful spells and cast them with more than 2 dice...

05-06-2005, 14:21
Well in the first list i have been running the lvl 2 chaos sorc as a slaneesh one. The DE lore is decent but not all that good unless you meet a low ld army. Then his spells are pretty effective. On the Lord i just cast the fireball with 2 dice :)

The beast shaman has also been lvl 2 and hes been decent. Nothing special but at least hes got the dispel scrolls and he always got the autorally thingy spell which can be good for my marauder horsemen :)

But magic hasnt really been that convincing vs Dark elves. So next time i think ill just go with a beast herd in stead of the Dark Emmissary :)

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06-06-2005, 05:49
Using just a unit of warriors by themselves is a waste of points, but if you sit a big block of hw and shield marauders and a beastherd(optional) with a charicter in ether unit it makes a pritty solid infantry core

06-06-2005, 10:03
YEs warriors have a hard time on their own and cost ALOT. Thats why im thinking of the marauders instead. And having them supported by a beastherd sounds like a good idea. Beast herds are cheap anyways :)

ANd wit h 2hnd weapons they might actually hurt something :)

But should i pay the 20 points for the foe render? HEs got +1 strenght and LD, but i dont know if hes worth it in a 80-100 point beast herd.

06-06-2005, 17:14
20 points is quite a lot for a champion. The upgraded leadership is good but it still increases the units ld to meager 7 not quite solving their main weakness. I would consider this perhaps through the way that you are going to use them: How often are they going to have to take tests with their own ld?