View Full Version : Where to buy in the U.S?

29-10-2010, 15:16
Hi all, I was wondering where would be a good online store in the U.S to buy some 40K stuff? Looking for good prices and reliable shipping.


29-10-2010, 16:37
For prices they will be similar though you can try the good old e-bay. click on the buy only tab and you will see a lot of stores there that you can check how much feedback they have.

29-10-2010, 17:46
Hmm...here are some places to order from:

Chaos Mail Order (http://chaosmailorder.com/)

The War Store (http://www.thewarstore.com/)

I've used both of those and have been very satisfied.

Best of luck.

29-10-2010, 19:17
also check here.


30-10-2010, 08:36
Said this a million times before, JJ cards in waterloo in Canada, no one is cheaper, they offer 30% off regular GW prices, and beat everyone else by 10%. They are the cheapest in the world as far as I know.