View Full Version : THE Quest - Tyranids

29-10-2010, 17:05
This is the 1 entry in my Quest series. The goal is to pick out the best rooster creator.

First chalange is for you to create 1500 army list from current nid dex with fallowing limitations :evilgrin:

- You can only use models that are aveliable ( no conversions whatsoever )
- You can only use configurations that are aveliable from the box ( so no LW and BS combo on warriors )
- You cannot double any units in elites and heavy support section
- You must use one lictor :D

So fire away and try to get as creative as possible - may the best man win !!! ( contest lasts till next week )

EDIT :/ - sorry wrong forum ( im blind from all the work :/ ) mod pleees redirect this to WH40K Tactics section