View Full Version : HE Bow Line

29-10-2010, 18:55
Has anyone ever tried to make a HE army with lots of shooting. Something like 4-5 bolt throwers, a good amount of archers, and maybe some sea guard?
I'm just curious to hear your thoughts on it.

29-10-2010, 20:32
I wouldn't recommend it. HE Archers are probably the most overcosted ranged unit in the entire game. Using Seaguard in place of Spearmen is an okay choice, but other than 1-2 small units of Archers, I'm not seeing it being very effective. S3 shooting just doesn't cause enough damage.

30-10-2010, 01:06
It's mean in the shooting phase, I tried a 7 RBT list for some 3k games when I was prepping for ard boyz, along with 2 units of seaguard, 1 unit of archers, some heavy magic and both the magical bows available and a large unit of WL's. It went much as expected, first 2-3 rounds I killed massive amounts of my enemies, but as soon as they hit my lines my lack of close combat preparation showed. Granted with Teclis and the lore of life I was able to do okish in combat but I only won about 40% of my games against various other lists.