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29-10-2010, 20:26
So I'm thinking of (re)starting a high elven army. How do you think tihs list would succeed? Any obvious things I have missed? Thanks

Archmage - 360
Level 4, Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow

Noble - 143
Battle standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor

28 Lothern Seaguard - 399
Full Command, First Among Equals - Banner of the Eternal Flame

20 Lothern Seaguard - 285
Full Command

18 Pheonix Guard - 350
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery

17 Pheonix Guard - 300
Full Command, The Amulet of Light

5 Dragon Princes - 150

5 Dragon Princes - 150

5 Ellyrian Reavers - 112
Bows, Spears, Musician

3x Great Eagle - 150

1x Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100

So It's kinda character low seeing as you get so many elite infantry for the same costs, which is both more wounds and moe attacks (which together with magic support is devastating).

20 man seaguard unit is for watchtower.

Archmage preferably bunkers himself in a building, near the center, together with seaguards.

Torpedo Vegas
29-10-2010, 23:07
Maybe swap out a Great Eagle for another Bolt Thrower? I like to have redundancy. Other wise I think this looks solid.