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29-10-2010, 19:37
*EDIT*added diagrams at bottom to help out with visuals. 1st time using so forgive curved arrows and some of the distances might not be 100% accurate, but you should be able to better understand the battle. Enjoy

Shadow Lord Umbrus smiled as he communed with the gods of chaos. Images of death and destruction flitted through his mind. Ectasy, pain, shadow, changeÖvisions that emanated so deeply in his mind that he could not shake the images even several hours after the gods left him.

Nevertheless, their message was clear, destroy the forest of Alterian, the realm of a wood elf lord, which would open the way for a future invasion of the south. Burn the trees, kill any resistance and then sow the ground with salt and warpstone to make sure nothing grew there again. Lord Umbrus was pleased as his captains, the Nurgle worshipping sorcerer Putidor and his personal standard bearer Sanies, a chosen hero of Tzeentch were summoned. As they approached, his gaze dropped upon them and what appeared to be a smile crossed his lips though the shadows that constantly changed shapes around him made it difficult to really determine. He informed them of his mission and was pleased that in a few hours later, his army was marching to rape a wood elf forest.
My list

Sorcerer Lord Umbrus Ė unmarked, shadow, lv 4, puppet, item immune to death and nurgle magic and poison (necrotic phlactory I think), shield that ignores 1st hit on 2+, sword of +1A +1Str +1WS.

Sorcerer Putidor Ė lv2, Nurgle, scroll, collar of Khorne(MR (2) and 6+ WS)

Exaulted Hero Sanies Ė tzeentch, BSB, ironcurse icon, shield, dragonhelm, sword of anti-heroes, luckstone (reroll 1 armorsave)

16 Khorne Chaos warriors (Nurgle sorc here)
-shds, halberds, full command, banner of shroud (5+ WS against shooting)

50 Khorne Maruaders (horde formation)
-GW, full command

2x5 Hounds

6 Khorne Knights
-musician, stnd, Rapturous Banner

15 Chosen of Tzeentch (BSB and Sorc Lord here)
-shds, halberds, full command, Terror banner, champ has favor of gods item

2 Undivided Warshrines

Wood Elf Army

Lord on a horse by himself with tricked out challenge build, some item that kills if unsaved wounds more or less and then roll d6 and lose wounds for compared ldship.

Lv 4 life with book of ashur

Lv 1 scroll, donít remember what lore

2 branchwraith heroes with some items that did jack all game

Hero with hail of doom arrow and maybe some other things

3x10 units of Glade Guard, with full command (wizards in diff units)

2x10 units of dryads

2x5 units of wardancers

3 Treekin in a unit

5 Waywatchers with hero with doom arrow


Rolled a 5 for battle and I rolled a 6 of course for terrain and ended up with some more wonderfully rolling of having 5 forests (yes 5 forests, I roll so wellÖ) two fences, two hills and a small building.

Map Set Up. Red his deployment, mine was the other half(not perfect, but best I can do at work on lunch break)

__________________________________________________ _____________________
___________Fungus_______________________FOREST____ ____________________
___________FOREST_______________________Fungus____ ____________________
____F____________________________________FOREST___ ____________________
____E___________________BLOOD_____________________ ___________________
____N______BLOOD_________FOREST___________________ ___________________
____C_______FOREST________________________________ ___________________
____E________________________________________Fungu s___________________
_______FENCE___________________HOUSE__________FORE ST_________________
HILL______________________________________________ ____________________

He set up first and chose top left half. One dryad unit with hero was forced to be held in reserver. 3 Glade guard units set up with two close to the fungus forest, and last on a hill with lv4. Both units of wardancers set up in the fungus forests and his treekin and treemen set up close to the center line near the fungus forest. Dryads with one branchwraith set up next to Left fence and his lord next to them. Waywatchers and hero with doom arrow scouted (after my set up) to the fungus forest in my deployment.

I set up my chosen across from his treekin between blood and fungus forest. Maruaders between the 2 blood forests in front of his GG units , khorne warriors between blood forest and fence infront of dryads and lord. Warshines behind my chosen and knights were forced to be held in reserve. Dogs on my far left and right flank. I set up as close to him as possible to get into combat fast.


Pregame thoughts
Well I wasnít too thrilled about having 5 forests, so try to get into CC as fast as possible and use marauders in middle to tie up his GG while my warriors crushed the flanks and then turned into the middle and finish the job. Was going to use shrines to tie up treeman and dogs to be nuisance.

He rolled spells 1,2,3,4 with life and kept them. LV1 donít remember and never affected game.
Nurgle rolled 4+ regen RIP and curse of leper
Sorc lord got miasma, reduce toughness by d3 RIP, mindrazor, and pit of shades.

Chosen with terror banner and favor of gods and 2 warshrines are fun and here is my logic behind them. First roll only affects unit not characters, so donít want 12 on pregame roll. I want 5 (+1 Att). And with my set up I donít really need to roll.

For chosen only roll, I can reroll 2,3,7,8,9,10,11,12. SO I can choose 5.
Note: (rr-reroll)
2- rr (chosen ability) -stupidity
3-bump to 2&rr - +1 tough
4-bump to 5 and keep - +1 str
5-keep - +1 att
6-bump to 5 and keep - +1 AS
7-RR (chosen ability) - nothing
8-bump to 7 and reroll Ė MR(3)
9-bump to 10 and terror banner allows reroll -+1 ldship
10- terror banner allows reroll - fear
11- terror banner allows reroll- terror
12- bump to 11 and terror banner allows reroll Ė 4+ WS and stubborn

So now chosen have +1 Att. Both shrines now go all out for 11 or 12 to get 4+ WS and stubborn which will give my characters ward saves too.
1st shrine
2- bump to 3 and keep
4-bump to 5 and rr
6-bump to 5 and rr
7- bump to 8 and keep
8- keep
9-bump to 10 and terror banner allows reroll
10- terror banner allows reroll
11- bump to 12 and keep
12- keep

Only numbers that I cant reroll are 2,3,7,8,11,12. I have a 18% chance for 12 or 3. and a 64% chance for 8. So most likely I will get 8. If I get a 2 or 3, then I have a 21% chance for a 12 and a 79% chance for an 8. So I hope I donít get a 2 or 3 for first warshrine. If I get 12, huzzah, if I get a 7 or 8, then
2nd shrine
2- bump to 3 and keep
4-bump to 5 and rr
6-bump to 5 and rr
7- bump to 8 and rr
8- rr
9-bump to 10 and terror banner allows reroll
10- terror banner allows reroll
11- bump to 12 and keep
12- keep

Note: if I am cheating, please let me know, as far as I can tell I am following rules correctly.

only numbers I cant reroll are 2,3,11,and 12, so I have a 50% chance for 12. Each turn if I donít have 12 yet, drop 3 first and get 50% chance for 12 and then a 21% chance for next shrine. So I get 12 result pretty fast.
Sorry for strategy, now back to game.

He goes first.

Wood Elf Turn 1.
Movement: Moves treekin up and treeman into top fungus forest. Top Wardances move to support treekin. Dryads shuffle, lord GG shuffle to get better shots on marauders, lord moves up to my bottom hounds set to charge them or khorne warriors next turn. Waywatchers move behind chosen and Hail of Doom hero leaves unit but remains close to it.

Magic: rolls a 3 and 1 for winds, all his spells dispelled

Shooting: Waywatchers kill 1 chosen, GG and Hail of Doom arrow (epic fail kills 2) only kill 10 marauders combined.

Chaos Turn 1.
Movement: Pass Frenzy tests for all khorne, no charges, Move khorne warriors up fast as I can and a few are in blood forest. Maruders march up and are in both blood forests. Chosen march towards treekin. Both warshrines follow. Top dogs march around woods, bottom dogs donít move due to his lord. My knights come in at bottom left hills and move to support khorne warriors.

Magic: roll an 8 (4 and 4) and cast enfeebling foe or withering ( the toughness one) and it goes off and subtracts 3 toughness from the dryads in front of khorne warriors. Try to follow with curse of leper to destroy unit and he uses scroll. Other magic dispelled.

Shooting: 1st warshrine rolls a 7, make it 8 with favor of gods. Second shrines rolls a few times and finally comes up with 11, so bam, divine greatness, hello wardsave. Feeling better now.

Wood Elves Turn 2.
Movment: Lord on horse and dryads charge khorne warriors. Treekin and wardancers charge chosen. Wardancers hit flank with my sorcerer in BTB with dancers and one treekin. Dyrads in reserve enter board infront on my top doggies, waywatchers move to have angle at chosen and marauders. GG with lord shuffles towards marauders for S4 shots, wardances in middle of his GG move up to make sure they are charged instead of his GG by marauders. Treeman moves to be in charge range of chosen and both shrines.

Magic: Rolls a 7 (5&2) and gets excited about hit marauders in blood forests since they are in both forests. I use my scroll and dispel all magic. He rolls one dice for the RIP toughness spell on dryads and fails to dispel it. Major error on his part not to use more dice.

Shooting: Opens up a can of hurting on marauders and kills 13, down to 27.

CC: His lord smacks up my champion and does 3 wounds for overkill of 2. Dryads attacks and kill 2 after poor rolling and good armor saves. Warriors open up and with dryad Tough being 1, kill 9. I win by 4 and Lord runs off table and I chase down dryad champ and brancwraith.

Three wardancers attack my sorc lord using killing blow dance and 2 wounds go through (no KBís). The others fail to wound chosen due to saves. My sorc and warriors kill 4 of 5 wardancers. Other chosen attack treekin and do 4 wounds. One Treekin attacks my lord and kills him. Other kills 1 chosen. I win by 6. Treekin run and wardancer passes due to stubborn in woods (his base was a quarter in the forest).

Chaos Turn 2

Movement: Warshrine flank charges lone wardancer to get out of way of treeman. Marauders charge wardancers.
2nd Warshrine moves between treeman and chosen to block his charge, have to offer my flank though. Knights and khorne warriors turn and start towards middle board. Donít move either dogs. Really cant do much.

Magic. Well roll a 9 and use 5 dice for regen on marauders and get a 22. Gets through due to his 21 roll. Nothing else goes through.

Shooting: drop MR(3) off chosen and roll a 4, so decide to make it a 3 and chosen get +1 Toughness.

CC: His wardancers kill 4 maruders and do 4+ WS dance. Well great weapons cleave though elf flesh and do 8 wounds. He fails 5 of the 8 ward saves and maruders over run into middle GG unit with neither lord nor lv 1 sorc. Chosen with warshrine kill the wardancer and chosen donít reform but warshrine does to face dryads on top of board.

Wood Elf Turn 3

Movement: GG with sorc lord charge flank of mauaders and treeman charges warshrine. Dryads charge and catch my top doggies. Waywatchers move into forest and GG closest to khorne warriors and knights does a move backwards shuffle. Treekin rallies.

Magic: Only gets of shield of thorns on lords GG which kills like 2 maruaders.

CC: He opens up and does 9 wounds on marauders, thank goodness for 4+ regen and only four die. I kill enough off both sides so they donít get rank bonus and loose by 2. Am steadfast and with BSB pass on a reroll of breaktest.

Treeman does 3 wounds on warshrine which does 1 back. Breaks and runs through chosen and blocks their forward movement, pooh. Treeman 2Ē behind my chosen.

Chaos Turn 3

Movement: Warshrine flanking Dryads charges and hits them in flank. Chosen donít move. Knights move up to get in good charge range of GG and warriors fail charge on GG with lv1. Warshrine in front of chosen rallies and reforms to hit flank of GG with lv4.

Magic: regen removed and nothing goes off.

Shooting: leave blessings alone

CC: warshines kills 1 or 2 dryads, wins but they hold on stubborn in woods and fail reform test roll.
I lose about 5 maruaders and have 16 left. I kill some more GG and lose by 2. I have 1 rank and he doenst have any so pass on steadfast 7.

Wood Elf Turn 4.

Movement: Treekin and treeman charge chosen. GG with LV1 shuffles back some more.

Magic: everything dispelled.

Shooting: Waywatchers kill warshrine in front of chosen.

CC: Put 4 wounds on treekin and 3 on treeman. Chosen with halbers and 3 attacks a piece just rock. He kills 1 chosen after wardsaves. 3+ wardsave and T5 goes a long way. Treekin breaks and treeman breaks on stubborn 8 with roll of 10. Run down treekin and can charge GG with lv 4 next turn.

He kills some more marauders and I kill some more GG and no longer steadfast, but I lose by 1 and hold with BSB nearby.

Warshrine kills a drayd and they hold.

Chaos Turn 4

He looks at board with chosen ready to hit his lord and warriors and knights close to his last remaining GG unit with lv 1. Only unit hes killed is a dog unit and my sorc lord. He surrenders since its getting late.

Wooho, win for chaos.
Postgame thoughts: Overall it went well, chosen were unstoppable and khorne warriors cleared a flank. Knights didnít do anthing yet, and marauders soaked up fire and help the middle up. The regen that went off really bought me the time to bring up the khorne units and my chosen to be ready for the finishing blow. I like this list and shadow and nurgle magic have a nice synergy, think I will try this list several more times.

After several hours of setting fire to trees and slaughtering the remaining elves they came upon, Sanies and Putidor gathered the victorious army around the body of their fallen Lord. As Sanies reached down to pick it up, the shadows faded from the corpse revealing the broken body of a chosen warrior. Putidor cackled as Sanies gasped. Looking around, the shadows around a chosen warrior moved and bent revealing Lord Umbres alive and well.
ďSurely Sanies, you did not think I would fall so easily. Donít be deceived by the shadows next timeĒ he said chuckling.
Marching back to the chaos wastes, the only sound was the stomp of marching boots, jingle of armor and the trees bursting and cracking from the heat of fire. Umbres couldnít wait to commune with the gods to be blessed for his victory.

05-11-2010, 03:45
Thanks a lot for the battle report! Good details, sounds like a good game.

However, I don't think that the Favour and EOTG works the way you're using it.
I do not think you can modify the roll with Favour to something you cannot roll and then use that to re-roll it. There is probably no rule anywhere that prohibits it, but doing this really seems to be stretching the spirit of the rules.

If my opponent played it this way I would probably give him an eyeroll, an exasperated sigh, and let him do it, since there's no clear rule forbidding it. I wouldn't be happy though and I don't play it this way with my Chaos either.

05-11-2010, 04:07
Yeh, TC137 is right, I think. It's like those people in 6th & 7th ed who would fix their rolls for wizard spells like this...

1 - get the base spell.
Next roll, "oh, I'll swap that for the base spell, which I already have, so I can re-roll it again."
Repeat until exactly required spells are rolled.

Not cool.


Shadow Lord
05-11-2010, 10:19
Just my 2 cents ofc but with the new rules I'm a bit confused at how you can take Collar of Khorne on a Nurgle marked Sorc? And for the rerolling bit: isn't it stated in the Codex somewhere that you can only reroll 1 dice ever!? Yes, by what you describe it's a bit dodgy to reroll a dice on your EOTG but even then you can only reroll it once, not twice...ever...:shifty:
Not sure tho, so I'm not gonna be a badass about it. Hope you don't take this as an assault on you personally, it's just my view on the situation.;)
Still, nice batrep and solid victory for Chaos, which always pleases me.:D

05-11-2010, 13:11
Per the FAQ, on the EOTG chart, you can reroll a reroll

Q: If a model or unit re-rolls on the Eye of the Gods table, and the second result is also a duplicate of a gift, can/must it be re-rolled? In other words can a re-roll be re-rolled in this case?
A: Yes

So based on this you can reroll multiple times for the Gods chart. Thats what i base my strategy on

05-11-2010, 14:34
Rerolling rerolls is fine, that wasn't the point. Using Favour to force a reroll is where your strategy is flawed (and its not so much a strategy as it is a 'gotcha!'). Again, there's no rule against it, and I'd probably let you play it, but I would not play it that way myself. Seems like grasping at straws to me.

Edit: I would at the very least tell your opponent you intend to use the Favour in this way before the game, since it seems the majority of Chaos players do not do this.

05-11-2010, 15:36
Ok i see where you are coming from Cheat, and thanks for your responses. To me its just a good stratagy and nothing underhanded or flawed, since favor allows +/-1 to a roll and then you can reroll gifts. To me its just using the items and the rules to their best potential.

And in friendly games, such as this one, my oppponent and I played open list so he new from beginning what i was doing and didnt have a problem. But if my opponent did, i have several list which dont even use chosen and would use one of them instead.

After all i do play to have fun and if my opponent is quesy about this (really dont know how you can read rules other wise) i wouldnt use it.

05-11-2010, 23:17
Ok, well at least we understand each other :)

11-11-2010, 10:44
Rerolling rerolls is fine, that wasn't the point. Using Favour to force a reroll is where your strategy is flawed (and its not so much a strategy as it is a 'gotcha!'). Again, there's no rule against it, and I'd probably let you play it, but I would not play it that way myself. Seems like grasping at straws to me.

Edit: I would at the very least tell your opponent you intend to use the Favour in this way before the game, since it seems the majority of Chaos players do not do this.

In tournaments the use of Favour to shift the result to a rerollable one is very common.

@OP: Thanks for the battle report, it was a good read. A huge unit of cheap marauders is a really good arrow / bullet / stone magnet.


13-11-2010, 00:35
Thanks for the battle report, it was nicely written and enjoyable to read.

16-11-2010, 15:39
I face the 4+ ward save, stubborn Chosen every time I play WoC because of that combo. I've won every game, but it's a pain. My general strategy is just to direct/avoid it. It does make me thankful for the times I have spells like PoS, PSoX, Dwellers and Final Transmutation.

16-11-2010, 20:33
its by no means unstoppable, i just love the idea of chosen, and then in game play, with that ward and stubborn, they make a wonderful unit to house my BSB and Sorc Lord. It makes a good unit to go toe to toe with other powerful units and come out on top.

24-11-2010, 01:36
Looks like you have a really good list and congrats but im just saying your opponent knows nothing about what to take in a WE army.

29-11-2010, 13:44
i have no clue about wood elves, and he said he was trying this list to see how it works, it was not his normal list and he will most likely not try it again.

29-11-2010, 15:16
Looking at the lists I was pretty sure you were going to win, but those diagrams made it very easy to follow the slaughter ;)

11-12-2010, 23:14
Agreed on the Wood Elves, but congrats on the win.