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29-10-2010, 20:07
I've been hearing a lot of doom and gloom about VC and I just don't see it pan out, unless somebody tries to run a 7th edition list.

all of my lower lvl casters are now necromancers. With the new core rules i don't need to raise skeletons or ghouls over starting size, and I get to choose the spells I need. This gives me the ability to one dice IoN or get a danse off I really need. people seem to let one dice spells go through for fear of your Vamp lords big spells. I usually take 2 one with channling rod, and the other with the Black Periaptany dice produced are spent on re-raising or dansing. The spare points i spend on a WK who is pretty killy bare bones. for the price of a Necro and WK you can get a vampire with a very small amout of goodies. but with the Necro+wk you get the spell you want 3 more wounds and KB+armour. I'll contend that the only vampire one needs in a vampire lord (baring black knights and such.) Instead of raising hosts of lesser undead, now the goal seems to be keeping our special and rare choices up and kicking in the mad dash through magic and cannons. I don't really care if purple sun blasts my skeletons while my Blood knights and black knights rush forward. They will only get one casting of it before I hit home. the average of 2 dice is 7 and I use 4-5 for my lord. Add the one generated by Black Periapt and whatever I can channle, and i can get atleast 2-3 IoN one casts off per phase.

29-10-2010, 20:45
so basically your saying.....vc magic isnt bad? everyone knows that, it just aint as good as it used to be. one dicing stuff with necros doesnt work that well, since your gonna fail 1/3 of the time, and the max number you can get to cast is 7 (6 natural + 1 wizard level) a lvl 4 trying to stop that needs to roll a 3 or better on one dice, not really that hard.

The big thing that changed for vamps is two fold: 1) they gotta be more ready to get hit back with some serious spells. the old BRB lores werent that bad, the new ones are much more deadly and capable of destroying large units. 2) instead of casting 8-10 spells a turn they have to focus on casting fewer spells and prioritizing what needs to go through.

as for necro vs wight vs vamp, thats really dependant on the army list, but in my opinion the vamp is still neccessary if you want your army to have a shot at either the magic phase or the cc phase.

29-10-2010, 22:20
I disagree with you on a few points. Failing 1 our of every 3 castings isn't that bad for a cheap necro whose job it is to keep the skele-bones up. A lvl 4 foolish enough to waste 2 dice for my 1 dice IoN is a net gain. If he uses 1 dice he risks knocking himself right out the dispel game for that turn. He needs a 3 or better. a 2 or 1 dooms him. The Vamp lore spells are cheap to cast at 12, and easy to do with 3 dice and a lvl 4 Vamp lord.

30-10-2010, 01:47
Belowis the list I'm currently running and to be honest its performing brilliantly. The Grave Guard moving max speed with constant vanhels on them literly are line breakers. The Ghouls are performing very well and the Coach is getting powered up stupidly fast.

The magic basically does 1 of 2 things, either spam vanhels or put a high amount of dice into undead horde then use remaining dice to invocate. Although I do mix it up now and then with some curse of years or Gaze of Nagash.

Vampire Lord-205points
-Summon Ghouls
-Dark Acolyte
-Level 3
-Potion of strengh
-Sword of Battle
-Flayed Hauberk
-Dragonbane Gem

Wight King-75points
-Battle standard bearer
-Drakenhof banner
-Great Weapon

28 Ghouls-224points

20 Ghouls-160points

18 Grave Guard-216points
-Royal Banner of Strigos
-Full Command
-Great Weapons
Total- 299points

Black Coach-200points


30-10-2010, 04:01
I'll contend that the only vampire one needs in a vampire lord (baring black knights and such.).Pretty much my feeling too. The only exception is if you do run blood knights, I would recommend a vamp with the blood drinker to regrow your ridiculously priced bullet magnets. :D I wouldn't risk the lord in there personally, because they cost so much you are probably only a shot or two away from no 'Look out, Sir!' roll.