View Full Version : Dark elves 2000 point competitive?

30-10-2010, 00:17
Hi there I'm trying to create a dark elves list that's capable of been balanced in combat while still being strong at magic and shooting here goes all comments welcome:

Supreme sorceress:285pts
Level4,tome of fusion.

Level2,seal of ghrond.

Heavy armour,halbred,black dragon egg,shield

Battle standard bearer:120pts
Banner of swiftness,heavy armour,halbred,shield

Full command,extra hand weapon,sea serpent banner

8xdark riders:197pts
Standard,musician,repeater crossbows

19xblack guard:260pts

5xcold one knights:151pts

War hydra:175pts

War hydra:175pts

Total 1988 pts

Well that's it I have gone for more combat than shooting but I feel I have enough magic and 8 dark riders is a very manuverable shootie unit well any comments well be greatly appreciated thanks kizzer2288.

30-10-2010, 00:21
Not bad to be honest.

It is actually very similar to mine, I just use warriors instead of corsairs and I take a larger unit of Cold ones instead of the seconds master.

The dark riders could be bumped up to 10 that way they actually are a threat for flank charges and will draw some fire away from the knights.

As I said its very similar to mine, considering your using corsairs they are a bit pricey to sacrifice so its not bad.

30-10-2010, 00:30
Thanks for that it's taken me along time to get to this point with the list I did play a slave list the other week with it and did really well seen as the guy I was playing makes lists for tournaments and used to be a manager of the games workshop Bradford store and he was very impressed with it so thanks there mate and I must say if it's similar to mine then I know I will do well with the list but I do think there is still something missing and maybe like you say bumping up the dark riders to 10 does sound very much like the thing but don't know what to take out to put 2 more dark riders in?