View Full Version : Combat Wood Elves

30-10-2010, 01:22
This isn't a tournament list. Just looking for opinions on what you think for friendly games. Is it to soft, to hard? (I only play pitched battles for now so scenarios don't matter.)

Highborn General w/ Sword of Might, Gambler's Armour, Enchanted Shield 190pts
Lv.4 Spellweaver w/ Lore of Life and Wand of Wych Elm 305pts

Noble BSB w/ Armour of Destiny 140pts

40 Eternal Guard w/ full command and the Razor Standard 555pts
5 Glade Riders w/ musician 129pts

6 Treekin 390pts

Treeman 285pts

Put everything in a group and move up to fight except for the glade riders on an opposite flank. Put all the characters in the Eternal Guard with the Spellweaver in the second rank due to a full front rank. Use life magic to bring back dead eternal guardsmen and treekin. Use wound recovery from getting spells of to heal treeman and characters. Glade riders as war machine harassers or bait for units.