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Leth Von Lucifuge
30-10-2010, 03:29
Vampire Lord wt Lvl 2, LoVampires, Master of the Black Art, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death, Blood Drinker, Flayed Hauberk, Crown of Commandment, Luck Stone--405 (Skeles)
Vampire wt Avatar of Death (GW), Dark Acolyte, Armor of Silvered Steel, Dragonbane Gem--200 (Skeles)
Vampire wt Master of the Black Art, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Ironcurse Icon--200 (Grave Guard)
Wight King wt BSB, Barded Steed, Lance, Charm Shield, Potion of Strength, Gem of Blood--182 (Grave Guard)

40 Skeletons wt FC, Warbanner--365
27 Zombies wt Musician, Standard--120
21 Ghouls wt Ghast--176
5 Dire Wolves--40
Corpse Cart wt Balefire--100
Corpse Cart wt Balefire--100

20 Grave Guard wt GW, FC, Banner of the Barrows--335
5 Fell Bats--100

Mainly friendly games played, so far 2-1-2 but still learning to remember the little 5pt items and when to use them.

30-10-2010, 20:10
I'd give one of those Carts loadstone for the best of both, plus some variety.

The wight king is a bit misplaced. He's half bsb, half challenge monbkey. Take him off the steed and get some better defensive gear (enchanted shield, talismain of endurance) or get rid of the bsb upgrade (or shift it to one of the vamps) and give him the 5+ killing blow sword. And make sure, you dont get look out sir, so maybe sitting in the dire wolves would be a good idea.

But for a freindly, it's the kind of list i would like to play, but it would be challenging...but not gimpy. If that makes any sense :p