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30-10-2010, 12:54
So, the point limit at my stores tournament for fantasy has been set to 2400 and im playing high elves... I have no idea how i should build a good list for that amout of points. Shout i use several or one mage? maybe, horde of seaguards? A dragon list?
Please help me!

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30-10-2010, 15:31

There are a lot of ways to skin a cat and throwing you question wide open (i.e. without a draft list or clear preferences) might get a bewildering array of personal opinions.

Here are mine:

- Characters: Take a lvl 4 and a lvl 2 with Life and Death lores, respectively. Lvl 4 gets Silver Wand + Forlaith's Robe + Loremaster Cloak. With 5 spells your chances of getting Throne of Vines and Dwellers below are good. Everything else in that lore is gravy. Lvl 2 could take the 5+ ward save thingy and a scroll or go big with Sigil of Asuryan. I used the latter in my last game and I destroyed the DE's best spell.
Take a BSB on foot with Armor of Caledor & Guardian Phoenix and GW. If you have points toss him a long bow for plinking.

- Core: Either go two blocks of ~24 LSG or one larger block of ~30 and two units of archers each with a musician for reform. I'm using the latter arrangement but I'm building another LSG unit to try the former. I give my large LSG the Banner of Eternal Flame.

- Elites: This is where the work gets done. I'm presently trying out using a) 18 Phoenix Guard with Banner of Sorcery as a bunker for my lvl 4. And then I have 20 Swordmasters with Banner of Arcane Protection (3 ranks) and 20 White Lions (3 ranks). The PG's are new for me and if you don't have the models or don't like that unit, consider making the other two units bigger or adding Dragon Princes. Previous games had me fielding 24 WL's and 24 SMs. Feel free to use only one or the other. I like model variety on the table and I have the models.

- Rare: For the first time in 8 years, I've given up fielding RBT's so I don't have to worry about protecting them. I just take 2 eagles, although I'll admit I'm still trying to figure out how to get them to work for me in 8th.

I also put the Skeinsliver on one of my elite unit champions. Getting the first round of shooting and magic is generally a good thing. Especially in the magic phase if your lvl 2 gets Doom and Darkness off on a big unit positioned next to a small, low save unit like fast cav or harpies, etc. Then you concentrate all shooting on the small unit, hope to vaporize it and panic the larger unit that's been DnD'd and you might start of a panic chain reaction down the line. Spirit Leach could accomplish the same against a low LD unit.

Clearly, I'm not a fan of cavalry in 8th. At some point I may experiment by swapping my PG for Dragon Princes.

For deployment, PG and LSG generally go in the middle of my line so that the LSG bows, BSB and Archmage have range to most things. Archers out on the flanks in 2x5 or long lines of 10 to prevent fast cav from Vanguarding around my flanks if I don't get turn one.
My WL's and SM's deploy on either side of the PG/LSG combo, but there might be instances where I bring the squishy archers towards the center of my line and have the hitty units anchor each flank. Still a work in progress and it depends on the opponent's deployment.

So, I don't claim the type of list above is the best way to go, but it's a solid list. Use whatever offense magic you can in the first couple turns but be clear that your magic is mostly to buff your units with increased T and Regen. I've had LSG with Flesh to Stone hold up a big block of Chose Warrior for 3 turns with minimal casualties leaving my elites to wreck the rest of his army.

Hope that helps.


30-10-2010, 18:59
I agree with some of the stuff AotE says, but with the following changes.

*Lv.4's are essentail. Forlaiths robes, Talismain of Saphery, Silver wand, life magic is the build i use. Its durable, and he has the pick of the spells for a lore which demands just that. You ideally want (unless your playing an army of high strength bods) Earth Blood, Throne, Flesh 't' Stone, Regrowth, Dwellers Below.
*A single Lv.2 with seerstaff and your choice of appriate lore is a good back up aswell.
*BSB with the time-hounerd, Fire-proven; Armour of Caelador, Guardian Phoiniex, Great weapon output really is the best thing i can think of.

*3 units of 20 lothren seaguard with shields is a bit more than the minimum investment, but its worth it. They are good units for plugging gaps, defending flanks and posing threats.
*Alternativly, 2 units of 24 as afore mentioned do much the same job, but with some extra wounds and attacks.

*PG's are great condensed-formation wizard bunkers, White lions are great in hordes, Swordsmasters in small 2 rank units for weight attacks in the flank.
*Tiranoc chariots in pairs for bulk of impact, but for sustained combat prowess, lion chariots are better (i prefer these). its good to proxy or borrow these to find the best combo possible.
*And Dragons work well in small units of 5, or big with a noble on horse in bigger games. But, there usually last on my list for points purchase, and they usually dont make it in (in favour of bigger units of PG's and more RBT's and eagles)
*However, i would personally steer clear of Reavers and Shadow warriors. there REALLY COOL, but they just fall flat.

*Eagles are good in numbers of about 2-4, bolt throwers also in about the same numbers. Ignore all this jargon about bolt thowers being to flimsy. Bows can kill them, but with usually 6's followed by 6's, if there in range at all. And, a canny player will deploy them 48" away anyways so they are as far away from trouble as possible, in the corners with a range arc to your battle line, whether its stationary or on the move.

Hope that helps.