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30-10-2010, 14:40
I watch a film called Outlander last night with a few friends and one of my mates whos getting back into the hobby thinks it might be agood idea to do a WoC force centered around using just Marauders and a single Space marine character as the general (representing an Exalted hero or the like )

Neither of us have the WoC book yet and i was just wondering what people might think appropriate (magic items / powers) to represent a stranded Space marine with regards to his weapons and equipment ?????

EDIT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlander_(film) for anyone who hasnt seen the film

30-10-2010, 14:50
Hey i remeber Outlander it was a good fun film, the first half was by far better then the second tho.

The theme could work, have a warhammer army being led by a few chaos marines.

30-10-2010, 15:00
Yeh i mean it wasnt the greatest of films buts it was good none the less

and all the warriors in it scream marauders too and we thought using one of the mk1 forgeworld marines would make a good chaos hero so youd have a WoC armylist but they would be like the good guys not actualy being Chaos as my mates not a fan of playing evil armys lol