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Lord Skrolk
30-10-2010, 22:26
Ok, so I'm back with the third installment of 'Adam learns Warhammer... the hard way'. Once again I was playing at good old Clapham Wargamers Guild, and this week I went toe to toe with Gregs Orcs. I had been forewarned about Gregs terrifying warmachine battery, and was expecting rocklobbers, doom divers and bolt throwers a plenty.

So with that knowledge in mind, I planned a list with of plenty core troops. As a staunch Zombie fan I'm always keen to have a whacking great block of them, in hindsight I should have left them underground with the maggots and mud. As well as 50 Zombies I took 40 Ghouls, 25 Skeletons with HW's, 5 Fell bats, 7 dire wolves, 25 Grave Guard, 1 Wight king with sword of heroes, 1 necromancer kitted out with spells, 1 vamp hero with forbidden lore - beasts, 1 vamp lord combat monster dreadknight with a blood drinker and 6 blood knights and the banner of bloodkeep. I was determined to prove that cav aren't nerfed in 8th I brought along my beautiful Gamezone blood knight models, hmmm.

After my intial worries Greg rocked up with only two warmachines, a doom diver and a gob rock lobber. What was I worried about? Erm, the Core! Gregs army was built around a solid core of 30 Orc Boys with choppa's, 30 biguns with great weapons (i think), 30 black orcs with extra choppas, 60 or so night gobbos with spears, block of night gobbo archers with fanatics, 6 stone trolls, boss on a boar, 2 shamans, some bloke with an item which allowed him to take (grrr ******* hate it) life magic, a dude of a squig hopper and a black orc warlord.

We played battle for the pass, and both set up fairly central with the exception of my blood knights, bats and wolfs which took the left flank opposite his trolls and boys with great weapons (foolish me). So, what happened? Well I got rooted, that's what happened. How? Let me explain....

I lurched my 50 Zombie forwards just right of center, supported by 25 skeles on right and block of Ghouls with Vamp and nec on left. The Grave guard started central on a hill, which they promptly ran down with the bats steaming ahead on their left. The bats flew into the center just behind a building, forming a vertical line facing left to stop any unwanted charges into my grave guard. The blood knights rather hesitantly cantered forwards, naively expecting the orcs opposite to take the charge in the subsequent turn. the wolves ran straight ahead - for some reason (not reading the rules!) I thought the squig hopper would bounce over my wolves, no, it ate them all. My magic was fairly ineffective, due to all the annoying orc items which sucked away dice and a banner he had which gave him dispel dice for ranks.

The orcs took their turn and on the left flank the rather wisely backed away from the blood knights. The rest of the orc force moved forwards, anticipating a charge from Zombies and ghouls shortly. Magic was, to put it bluntly, *********** harsh. Having wisely taken life magic Greg unleashed life magic missiles galore which did double damage against my puny skeles and ghouls. Which combined with his orc magic was killing on average 10-20 or my guys a go. Poop.

So, lets jump forwards a bit to the subsequent combat which unfolded. Ok, 20 or so ghouls charge a harmless enough block of 60 night gobbo spearmen in horde formation, supported by 50 zombies (why or why did I charge them in?). The skeletons hung back anticipating a zombie flank charge from some orc bigguns. Well, the gobbos did some serious stabbing, they took down 10 or so ghouls and my ghouls took down about the same amount in return, the vamp took a couple and the necro even managed to nab one. All good, hmmm, then the zombies did what they do best. Died.... again. The gobblins killed 10+, my Zombies doing nout in return. So, if I hadn't foolishly charged them in I might actually have won the combat. The combat went on for another turn or two but ended with me having a solo vampire surrounded by orcs and goblins on all sides. Poompf! Dead.

Things were look 'tres bad. The right flank was lost, and there was now a **** load of hungry orcs, gobbos and a sweaty dude on a boar (who single-handedly killed a unit of 25 skele swordsmen) bearing down on my bony ass.

In the center my Grave Guard did some black orc chopping, and got a fair bit of pasting in return. They didn't last long. ****, ****, ****. Things were looking bad. The bats who I had planned to use to support the grave guard had opted instead to go war machine hunting. Which, shock horror they did, rather well too. They killed a rock lobber, panicked a doom diver and unleashed three fanatics from the night gobbos archer block. Heres the bad bit, the fanatics subsequent tore off towards and through my ghouls (who were still alive, just, at that point) via the rear end of the night gobbo spearmen. Owch.

Soooo then, Mr Vamp lord and fellow blood knight sirs, no pressure of anything its just that you have to kill pretty much everything. Well, I have to take my hat off to the chaps killing 17 on the charge was pretty nasty. Loosing 5 in return from great weapon toting orcs was less good, but probably to be expected. ****. I won the combat, but steadfast, general and battle standard meant they weren't going anywhere. Oh yeah, 6 trolls had also showed up by this time and they were threatening to puke over my ever shrinking flank.

However I had a cunning plan, one so cunning you could a tail on it and call it a fox, though admittedly it was a little bit late. My Vamp lord had blood drinker and was gonna go first next round of combat.... MWAH HA HA HA!! He went first and chopped up four orcs, which returned as 4 blood knights. HA! These knights then subsequently chopped the living **** out of the remaining orcs. YES!!!

No more orc boys : ) and a me with a full unit of blood knights. Not for long : (

Greg wisely cast speed of light on the trolls and charged into my knights. Poo to the power of - 6 vomits. Minutes later, no blood knights left and no vamp lord left either.

What did I have left by end of turn 4?

One bat. One bat!

Back the drawing board.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.

Hats of to Greg for decisive generalship, sportsmen like conduct and not being the cheesemeister he could have been. Lesson learned, heavy cavalry are still bad ass... but infantry cannot be taken on by cav alone. Backup, backup, flank and backup. Would have been awesome if I had used them properly.

Next week Warriors of Chaos.... I am in for some pain.



31-10-2010, 03:28
Yeah, bloodknights are are admitteedly good, but not especially so in face of thier cost.
Never use Zombies to suppourt another unit any combat that will see them gettin more attacks than the CR they give, bceuse they will almost certainly give up the maximum amount of wounds possible.
Lots of Ghouls is the key to any VC victory IMO.

Lord Skrolk
31-10-2010, 12:34
lesson learnt. Zombies tarpit or speedbump - nothing else.

Ghouls are a goer. Need more me thinks.