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Torpedo Vegas
30-10-2010, 22:32
I have some friends who want to get into Warhammer, and have split 2 IoB sets. I'm set to run them through some learning games in roughly a month.

So, I have devised a challenge for myself. Build paint and run an army of 1000 points based around what's available from the Brettonia Battalion box. The basic setup is as follows:

Paladin on Pegasus
BSB on horse
Damsel(possibly mounted)
6 Knights of the Realm
20 Men-at- arms
16 Bowmen

I ask the Brettonian players here, can I make this work without gimping myself too hard?

30-10-2010, 23:50
More knights and men at arms would be ideal, but it can work. Your main friend will be the damsel, who should be a level two and either have beasts with the sig spell to boost the men at arms/Knights as well as heroes, or life in order to mitigate damage as much as possible. Beasts also has the opportunity for Transformation of Kadon, so if you take that, make the damsel unmounted, as it could be the spell that (potentially) wins you a game (although it sounds as if that isn't the overall goal). As it seems, movement and magic will be the phases that will be keeping you from getting ripped apart.

Points wise, you may end it up little bit short, even if you max command groups and magic items, but I wouldn't let that discourage you.

31-10-2010, 00:06
With a list so short of Knights my tactics would be to stand back and use the knights (including the pegasus chap) for flank (or rear) charges only.

It can work and the battleforce challenge is a really good way to start an army.

Points wise maxed out (I mean really maxed out) I make it to be roughly 900 points.

You would have to take either your damsel as a prophetess or the chap on royal pegasus as a lord due to 25% cap on lord and hero choices. This would bump it close to 1000.

It shouldn't unbalance things too much taking a lord, but yeah it can work.

Torpedo Vegas
31-10-2010, 02:23
I have ten knights from my Empire army which I can use to augment my army for a while. I'm doing this to basically gimp myself and start a really great looking army, as my other 2 armies (Empire and Ogres) are either too cheesy to use on newbies or really poor at a 1000 points (Ogres) and I refuse to lose to them, even if they are new.

31-10-2010, 10:33
Use the 10 knights, and make the dmasel a lv.4 life phorphetess on horse. That should be about 250pts