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Vulkan Rocks
31-10-2010, 09:21
Im really sorry to bother you all, my gaming group has a battalion challenge, where we have to make, paint and game, (no upper points limit, still follows restrictions, eg 25% heroes etc.) and i wanted to have a rundown on how many points each battalion would make if i streched ourt, with lords etc, we are allowed 10 bitz from other kitz, (individual, eg female head and body (2 bitz) to make a damsel for brettonians, or one sword to make a captain of the empire etc.) so what battalion and what bitz should i bring?

thank you in advance


31-10-2010, 10:30
Firstly, could these 3 bits be metal, or a complete kit?

Secondly, heres a run down of the best ones;

*Chaos one is good, you get expensive knights, a good block of marauders, some expensive knights.
*Skaven one is good, convert some priests and engineers from left over monks.
*High elf one is good, but hard to convert a charecter. Maybe with some clever snipping, korhil from the left over chariot crew.
*Dark elf one is VERY good, some knights, corsairs as 2 small bow units, laods of x-bows, and a converted lokhir-stylie charecter from the corsairs and warriors.


Vulkan Rocks
31-10-2010, 11:04
The bitz are any 10 single piece bitz (cannot be metal, eg teclis) but it could be a bit or two for conversion to a plauge priest or noble or chaos exalted (eg plauge furnace bitz)

immortal git
31-10-2010, 11:10
Ogres, Unit of three bulls, a tyrant, a Bruser bsb and a butcher plus 4 ironguts, 4 leadbealchers and 24 Gnoblars.

done deal.

Leeeeeeroy Jenkins
31-10-2010, 11:16
Dude somehow convert a grey seer.

Own face.

Vulkan Rocks
31-10-2010, 12:07
OH sorry forgot to mention - you get sets up to 60 for daemons (no metal0

Torpedo Vegas
31-10-2010, 20:51
Ogres have a great battalion box, especially since how the Ogre sprues are done, you can can probably male a good number more of Ironguts, Bulls, or a Bruiser to be the general just from the box. Also, the Brettonia box is apparently pretty good up to a 1000 points, same for Ogres.

31-10-2010, 22:37
Id say go demons if you are allowed 60 and try to get some good deals on ebay or something.

31-10-2010, 22:53
i dont think you can ebay the 60 of plastic kits its probably buy 3 or 4 boxes and lose horribly as everyone else has like 80 worth. i would not take lizards as the temple guard are worthless at 10 men no slaan, the skinks are bad at 12 men and the cavalry no longer hit first so aren't as good. you only good unit is the 20s aurus so go you.
but i would definetly get an army where you can get a level 4 with 2/3 peices like skaven or brets as a level 4 will own alot with a few decent items. a good hero will probably be needed as that is what everyone else will have, and is a good points filler. just by upgraing yur hero and lord you can increase the size of the army, to get a bigger 25% so get more upgrades and get an even bigger 25%. so long as youhave lots of core and hero potential you can have a huge ammount of points.

01-11-2010, 22:45
You could always use the temple guard and mix them in with the saurus and riders and make them into champions adn the like to flesh out the units.

But dont do the daemons. If you could negotiate 40 horrors, a converted herald and some crushers, maybe. But thats about 110

Vulkan Rocks
02-11-2010, 14:41
sorry, just negotiated 95 for daemons, so 39x horrors, 1x herald of tzeentch, 3 crushers?