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Ed the Dead
31-10-2010, 18:40
My 2000 pt list I want to try for fantasy. I have been playing 40k for a few years. Here is the list.

Vampire lord with red fury, forbidden lore (beasts), summon ghouls, nightshroud armor, blade of bloodshed and 20 pts to mess with magic items.

Vampire 1 avatar of death, dark acolyte, book of arkhan, black periapt.
Vampire 2 avatar of death, dark acolyte, hand of dust

2x30 ghouls with ghast.
2 corpse carts with balefire

19 graveguard with standard and banner of strigos

5 wraiths with a banshee

Total points 2001
Models 89

The lord is built around having 7-10attacks and always striking first when compared to anyone trying to kill him. It should be pretty rediculous and blood dragon/strigos like

Big difference in what I usually run. I ran maxed magic in the previous edition.13 power dice was my minimum ,but with 12 max now, it seems kind of pointless. The lord casts the spell that gives him 3 attacks and 3 toughness. Every unit has something that makes it have extra punch. Each vampire hero goes with a ghoul unit, the lord goes with the grave guard. The wraiths lock up anyone that looks scary that doesn't have magic weapons. Corpse carts go between the line of ghouls and grave guard.
Any comments,critiques, suggestions?

31-10-2010, 19:25
You're a couple of points short when it comes to core. Corpse carts don't count towards core.

Banshees aren't really worth the points now that everyone is running large units of cheap stuff. So just take 6 wraiths. Give someone the helm of command, I don't think I'd play VC without it in 8th. Corpse carts tend not to be worth taking now, so I would atleast drop one of them.

As for your hero level vampires, avatar of death is +1 combat rez, correct? I order to benefit from that your vamps would have to be in combat and neither one of them has any sort of armor or ward or magic weapons, so in combat is not a good place for them. Either make them a caster and give them a small ghoul unit to stay in, or make them a combat character and give them some gear.

Ed the Dead
31-10-2010, 19:52
Avatar is heavy armor and shield. The banshee is for the calvary units that will most likely engage the wraiths. The corpse carts add to all the bound spells the army has. I am thinking of droping the wraiths all together for more gravegaurd and ghouls. I could do 18 ghouls(putting unit at at 40) and 10 grave guard for those points..

31-10-2010, 23:25
Sorry forgot what avatar does. I guess I was thinking of walking death? or whatever its called. The corpse cart bound spells aren't as good now that they use power dice. As for heavy cav, so long as they aren't chaos knights, I think 15 strength 5 attacks will kill enough to break them. Especially if you take the helm of command on something.

Ed the Dead
31-10-2010, 23:52
Wait, bound spells cost power dice? That was the point of taking those then?

01-11-2010, 00:32
Wait, bound spells cost power dice? That was the point of taking those then?


So you can bulk up your ghoul units and/or make a third unit.
A couple of disposable zombie units is an option.

Survivability is the key word with characters.Your Lord needs a ward save of some description, and nightshroud is not all that great except in limited situations, youd be better off with Armour of Destiny, Flayed Hauberk or gilded curiass.

Swap the book of Arkhan for the Helm of Command and make vampire 1 a caster. MAke a small ghoul bunker and keep him out of combat and boost WS.

Vampire 2 can be swapped out for a BSB Wight lord with GW and a Ward save. Str 6 KB with T 5 and 3 wounds is fairly decent.

01-11-2010, 19:52
Generals are very important to any army but doubly so to VC, and the lord having no real save (6+ not really now is it when nearly all heroes are strength 4) and no ward/regen means while he can kick out a lot but he cannot take it nearly half as well and this may end up with a dead lord all too fast, and then you have lost the game so a ward/armour is really need for your general. Run a killy lord at 3k but at 2 I think the lord just needs that extra protection
And if you want really killy lord drop forbidden lore and trade it in for eternal hatred, it’s much better for a combat lord
Now I’m not sure what the vamps are for, do they stay in a bunker casting? No because there is no bunker, so they must be in the front line or out by themselves, and yet there bloodlines seem mixed so they get a 5+ with either GW or +1A or a 4+ save and then there level 2 so they know one extra spell, it seems to mixed to me, either go combat or magic if you mix you get a vamp who is not average in combat and average in magic I would drop dark acolyte for forbidden lore and raise ghouls and then sit them in a bunker behind your lines to make sure your no armoured vamps never see combat with anything you don’t want them to and done, if you wish give one of them the lore of beasts and make your lord uber but beware unless you throw like 6 dice and hope then any good general will see through your plan and roll a lot of dispel dice or just scroll it.
Then drop hand of dust for helm , and change GG banner to barrows because it makes sure they hit accurately for more than just the first turn (combine this with the helm for best effect)
Now if any of this is in there because you like it or fluff reasons then forget it of course but i think those changes to start with would make it a bit more competitive

01-11-2010, 21:53
also unless you've made an agreement with your opponent get under the point limit for your remake

Ed the Dead
01-11-2010, 23:35
Would this be worth a shot? 40 ghouls with wight bsb with strigos banner great weapon. Horde poison with hatred. Is this worth using ?

02-11-2010, 01:47
Would this be worth a shot? 40 ghouls with wight bsb with strigos banner great weapon. Horde poison with hatred. Is this worth using ?

Could be quite cool, however you could just cast vanhels on them when they get in combat for the same effect.

Ed the Dead
02-11-2010, 04:06
if that doesnt work well, I will throw him in the main GG unit with that and the banner of barrows banner. reroll 2-3+ to hit. horde them and they would rail just about anyone.