View Full Version : Revised 2500 point Tournament Empire.

Torpedo Vegas
31-10-2010, 18:55
Arch Lector, AoMI, War Altar, Hammer of Judgment, Van Horstrum's Speculum: 305
Wizard Lord, Lvl4,Armor of Taurnus , Seal of Destruction: 290

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield: 96
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Warhorse: 110
Master Engineer: 65

30 Swordsmen, Full Command, 205
Detachment: 15 Halberdiers, 75
Detachment, 6 Handgunners, 48

29 Halberdiers, Full Command, 165
Detachment: 15 Halberdiers, 75
Detachment, 6 Handgunners,48

30 Flaggalents, Prophet of Doom: 310

2x Cannons: 200
10 Inner Circle Knights, Full Command, Steal Standard, Lances 320

Helblaster, 110

I am really liking this list. The Flaggalents will tie up and hopefully kill smaller elite units, while they are supported by the WAltar's Speed of Light. The Swordsmen will be joined by the on foot Warrior Priest for re-rolls, and either be fielded as a horde, using the Halberdiers for support charges and the archers to lay down some supportibg fire, or field deep to act as an anvil for my IC Knights, who will be joined by my mounted Warrior Priest. The Handgunners will hang on the sides, and either advance with everyone else and provide support fire, or hang back and cover the warmachines and Master Engineer.

The Wizard will either take LoM to buff up my Swordsmen and deal with heavy armor, it Shadow to troll the daylights out of enemy units.

Any comments or criticisms?