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Time of Madness
31-10-2010, 21:03
Made a few changes to my conventional list. I enjoy playing with zombies again, it's been a while.


Vampire Lord (General)
- Sword of Strife
- Flayed Hauberk
- Crown of the Damned
- Lord of the Dead
- Master of the Black Arts
- Dark Acolyte
= 450pts

Wight King (BSB)
- Sword of Kings
- Shield
- Gem of Blood
= 150pts

- Dispel Scroll
- Invocation of Nehek
- Vanhel's Dance
= 95pts


29 Skeletons
***Vampire Lord here***
- Full Command
- Lichebone Pennant
= 267pts

30 Zombies
- Standard and Musician
= 132pts

30 Zombies
- Standard and Musician
= 132pts


29 Grave Guard
***Wight King here***
- Full Command
- Banner of Burrows
- Shields
= 423pts


Black Coach
= 200pts

3 Crain Wraiths
= 150pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1999pts

I have 4 large units of infantry supported by the wraiths and the black coach.

I really like my vampire build. He comes in with a 2+ save with a 4+ ward save. And still pumps out 6 S5 attacks. On top of that he is built to be a contributing factor in the magic phase. The wight king is a fairly standard build to lead the grave guard unit. The necromancer adds a little boost to the magic phase and comes in at a pretty cheap cost.

I'm liking the zombies more and more. At 132pts they are fairly expendable. I find a lot of people tend to target them for some reason making them fairly decent road blocks. If opponents don't target them it gives me something to threaten a flank with especially with vanhel's close by from the necro. Many people will say fielding a unit of 30 ghouls is a better option, however the zombies give me 2 deployment drops and the ability to threaten two different spots on the battlefield.

Overall I find the list plays fairly effective, but I'm always look at improving it.

Does anyone have some suggestions?

Time of Madness

Ed the Dead
31-10-2010, 21:19
I would drop zombies for 30 skeletons. While you have less bodies, you have better bodies.

01-11-2010, 00:35
2 units of 20 zombies are even more expendable. You can use the extra points for a necromancer bunker.

Your BSB should have a GW and a Ward save, he hits just as hard in the end and will probably live longer.

I can never extoll the benefits of Ghouls over skeletons enough myself

04-11-2010, 11:51
This is the kind of list I prefer, though I take a balanced Lord, fighty Vamp Hero, Necromancer and Wight King BSB for characters.

Is it not a problem lacking maneouverability with this army? The only quick unit is the Coach, and as a chariot it's not that fast anyway. Also, many people point out that Zombies are so dire in combat that they are almost nothing more than free combat res. Has this been true in practice?

Time of Madness
08-11-2010, 09:32
Thanks for the comments folks.
Time of Madness

16-11-2010, 02:48
To me it seems lika a solid list though I think that the balance could be improved. The Black Coach to me takes away some of the goodness of MOBA, either I would drop the Black Coach and make some other rarechoices, maybe Varghulf? Else I would change vampiric power, maybe Red Fury instead of MOBA, for more combat ability while keeping the abilty for good magic defence and IONing.

I have never played with Black Coach though.

PS: I like them Zombies!

16-11-2010, 16:47
Good for you!

As a foe of a Vampire Counts army who sees nothing but Ghoulkin'd Infernal Hatred'd Red Fury'd Vamp Lords I love to see skeletons and zombies on the battlefield.

Ultra uber lists doesn't mean you won't win and you just may have a blast, I know you're opponent will enjoy it more.


16-11-2010, 21:58
I believe we agree more than you might think. My suggested changes is far from ultra uber. Those are my suggestions for improving the list, and no ghouls, ghoulkin or infernal hatred, just avoiding paying for extra power dice to be sucked up by the coach.