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01-11-2010, 16:42
Hey everybody. I am aware that bretts got hit with the nerf bat but i think they still have alot of potential. Please rip this list apart and let me know what you think. Btw i will not have a bret army led by a prophetess I want a bret lord.

Bret lord- Sword of the lady's champion, grail shield, Virtue of Confidence, warhorse, grail vow- 259

Prophetess- Level 4, warhorse- 240 (cant decide on lore)

Bsb- enchanted shield, warhorse, virtue of duty- 114

Errant Knightsx9 - full command, Errantry banner- 221

Knights of the Realm x7- full command, warbanner- 217

Men @ arms x40- standard, mus- 215

Peasent bowmen x30- standard, mus, brazier - 200

Pegasus knights x5- champ- 275

Grail knights x5 - Full command, banner of defense (prophetess here)

This comes to 1991. How does it look? lord and bsb go with knights of the realm.

01-11-2010, 17:14
Lets see what we have:

id stick a Lance on your Lord. On the charge he will be guaranteed str 6, which will only be a disadvantage if your fighting something T6, but will be an advantage against anything T5 or less.

Give the Prophetess a Dispel Scroll, its a bargain 25 points. As for the Lore ive had exellent success with Life. Protection against those miscasts in the middle of big units, T5/7 knights, shield of thorns to help whittle down big units of enemies you hit, regrowth to regain shooting/magic casualties, and dwellers is obviously awesomesauce.

Errants will be ok, but the Realms need to be bigger. You need longer lances in the new edition to help negate stubborn, as well as provide additional attacks and rank bonus. Make them 10 so with the characters you will have 3 x 4.

Give the men at arms a Champ, +1ld (Knights wont always be around to give ld) and 2 ws3 attacks if a useful bonus.

Grails and Pegasi are good.

Hope this helps.

01-11-2010, 17:23
Thanks a bunch. I cant add the scroll cuz im at max lord points. Now i thought about it and maybe ogre blade would be better for the lord for str6 always. and it would work for more then 1 round. the unit of knights of the realm i thought would be good because they get +4 combat res plus any ranks (standard, warbanner, duty, bsb) and not to mention any kills.

What should i drop to fit 3 more knights and a unit champ? should i drop my banners?

01-11-2010, 17:35
Id consider dropping some of the peasants and adding more knights, you dont have many hitty units.

Trebuchets are also very good, but youd have to buy the model.

01-11-2010, 17:39
The one thing I would suggest is a cheap naked damsel lvl (can be level 1) with beasts signature spell in case something nasty happens to the prophetess. This way your magic defense is split and you get +2 (level+spec of beasts) to cast the beast spell. On long lances on the charge, KOTRs with str 6 and str 4 horses really hurt. And as said, the sword on a lord is not a very good choice. If you want to kill large things, get heroism + 3A sword, for 6 Heroic KB attacks. For rank and file, a normal lance would suffice.

01-11-2010, 17:58
Thank you so much for your replys. I really wanted the Lord to be a character killer. a lance isnt enough and maybe the sword isnt worth it. but i want a lord that can throw down with other lords confidently.

if my KotR hit a unit with a character in it then i have to accept the challenge and then the champion will get ripped apart or i lose my blessing. on top of that they get the awesome overkill bonus and destroy my combat res and the unit.

thats why i want to build a character to take and do well in challenges in that unit