View Full Version : 2nd time around. Remembrance of the Orcs.

01-11-2010, 23:45
Well, I started with warhammer about 3 years back....and while I enjoyed painting my Orcs & Gobbos never really got to play much, so only ever had a few "hand-holding" games at GW Lakeside...

Now I'm back into it I figured another hand-holding game at GW would be handy so i took my Orcs & Goblins down for a game in Colchester. The fellas I expected to be there were off training so the Manager from Cambridge was shop-keeping. Once he'd found a usable army of Empire we had an hour and a half battle that culminated in..... na, read to the end! :) Lol.

My army consisted of the following: (I have NO idea on each armies points - we went purely on number of units and specials etc)

18 Night Goblin Archers;
10 Goblin Spider Riders (command inc);
50 Night Goblins with spears and shields (command inc);
10 Black Orcs (command inc);
2x Level two Orc Mages;
1x Stone Troll;
1x Snotling Pump Wagon;
3x Fanatics;

His side consisted of some sort of rocket launcher (experimental); a canon of some sort; unit of infantry with swords; leader with great axe and magic; archers; scouts; cavalry with swords; cavalry with guns. (Sorry i can't be more precise - I don't know any other army but greenskins lol)

Well, I can't seem to get events clear in my head enough to write em out (I just spent half hour trying and it seemed that it was won in two turns when in fact it was three...so have deleted and will just sum up instead LOL)

The Empire did their best to kill the Greenskins, but failed miserably and the Orcs and Goblins won in just three rounds. The game was conceded when all he had left was the two guns and one lone horseman who was nose to nose with the edge of the board having paniked, stayed on the game mat then rallied. But he would have been up against 9 Black Orcs and a Troll.

I meanwhile still had the snotling pump wagon, a orc mage, 9 black orcs, a troll, 6 goblin spider riders, a fanatic and 18 goblin archers!!

So, umm, yeah. that was tooo easy lol.