View Full Version : Is this 2000 point empire list competitive?

02-11-2010, 00:15
Hi there I have just started an empire army but only have a certain amount of models I want to be competitive against hordes and magic heavy elf lists if you can offer any advice as to what to aquire or change it will be greatly appreciated thanks here goes:

Wizard lord:300pts
Seal of destruction,level4,holy relic

Battle wizard:135pts
Level2,power scroll

Warrior priest:125pts
Second hammer,heavy armour,shield,dispel scroll

Battle standard bearer:87pts
Bsb,halbred,full plate armour

Full command,repeater handgun

Full command,repeater handgun

Musician,champion,hochland long rifle

Musician,champion,hochland long rifle


Hellblaster volley gun:110pts

Full command

Full command,shields,banner of sigismund

8xknightly order:268pts
Full command, inner circle,steel standard

Well that's all of it please give advice thanks kizzer.

Torpedo Vegas
02-11-2010, 02:19
Infantry blocks to small, drop spearmen, add 20 Swordsmen, make the Halberdiers a detachment. What are all those outriders for? If you must field them, drop all those champions, they do jack. Your spearmen cannot have a magic standard. Drop the volley gun, get a cannon. Your warrior priest can't have a second hammer AND a shield. Add an engineer. I'd wager that the lvl 2 wizard inst really worth taking.

02-11-2010, 15:01
I'm not sure that a BSB can have a mundane halberd.

Torpedo Vegas
02-11-2010, 16:45
Oh snap your right. He has to have magical gear (besides armor), unless he has a magic Standard, in which case he can ONLY take mundane gear.