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02-11-2010, 00:21
Just posted it in the skaven tactica, but figured I could make a new thread for it.

Here's the current list I'm working on (2500pts):

Grey Seer, Screaming Bell, Skalm, Power Scroll
Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Storm Banner
Warlock Engineer, Doom Rocket
Assassin, Blade of Corruption, The Other Trickster Shard

50 Stormvermin, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of the Eternal Flame, Doom Flayer
34 Clanrats, Standard Bearer, Musician, Poison Wind Mortar
40 Skavenslaves, Musician
40 Skavenslaves, Musician
20 Night Runners, Warp Grinder

6 Gutter Runners, Slings, Poison

Doom Wheel
Doom Wheel
Hellpit Abomination

It's heavily themed so obviously not optimal. For both casual and competive play. Comments welcome:)

02-11-2010, 02:23
I don't recognize the theme, though I'm sure it looks awesome on the tabletop.

I wonder though.. which unit will be pushing the bell? Seems the Stormvermin have the numbers, but the Clanrats would be the better option, no?

I really like the inclusion of the Doom Flayer. Do you happen to have a model for this unit yet?

02-11-2010, 11:02
I'd personally either (i) swap the Banner of Eternal Flame for the Razor Banner if you can find the points OR (ii) swap the Banner of Eternal Flame for the Storm Banner and give your BSB some better (i.e. Ward) protection.

Other than that, looks fun.

02-11-2010, 13:07
What theme? It seems a standard -take everything powerful and fill in the gaps- list. Sorry.
As comments: You might have trouble against very fast lists backed up by some shooting to take out one or both doom wheels. Apart from that, a very hard list.