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02-11-2010, 03:33
Hello, I don't know whether there is a place to put intro posts; if so and it's not here, sorry.

I've been out of the 'scene' for a while but I'm taking a sabbatical in Maine for a few months, starting in a week, and I thought I'd start a new army to pass some of the time. As part of that I thought I'd sign-up here and get some info and generally talk about Warhammer.

The army I'm starting is a 100% conversion Chaos Dwarfs army. I'm doing a blog on the process if anyone is interested to see how it goes.

I was wondering if anyone on here lives in Maine and knows where to go to buy Warhammer in the north of the state near Bangor and also if there are any gaming clubs in the area. I haven't even bought my first models yet, but I am usually up and running pretty quickly once I get started on an army (though rarely finish, hence the motivating blog) and was wondering where I might get a few games.

Any information is welcome....thanks.

P.S if this is in the wrong section, could a mod move it please.

Torpedo Vegas
02-11-2010, 16:02
I don't live in Maine, but I've found the best way to find a club is to go on the GW site, and look for Independent stockists. The Local Game Stores tend to have more reliable, more mature and constant gaming groups, and on the plus side, you'll probably find better deals at them then at a normal GW.

02-11-2010, 16:36
Thanks for that, Vegas......I'll have a look.

02-11-2010, 22:00
I also don't live in Maine, but welcome to warseer

02-11-2010, 23:11
Thank you, jthdotcom.