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02-11-2010, 17:58

ng Lvl 4 mage
magic mushrooms

goblin warboss
armor of fortune
kickin boots


ng bsb
armor of destiny

ng big boss
great weapon


37 ng
full command
1 fanatic

30 ng bows
2 fanatics


2 x rock lobbas
2 x chukkas


2 x Doom Divers
6 x Stone Trolls

Been thinking about dropping the bsbīs armor and give him spider banner.
and then drop the chukkas for more gobbos with bows throwing the bsb into that unit.

Will be using this list in a tourny in a couple of weeks, and to be honest id like to cheese it up a bit still just using gobbos, even though was thinking about throwing an orc shaman in there converted by acouple of gobbos going at it.

The armies ill be facing is 2 hard hitting WoC, WE treekin-list, empire with warmachines and altar, massive horde skaven, dito vc, unknown ogre list and a soft orc list.

Anyone got any pointers? Been out of the loop in fantasy for a couple of years.
C & C very much welcomed

02-11-2010, 18:04
I'm not a great one for giving your warboss that much equipment. He's still just a goblin at heart, and therefore will fail you at the first possible moment. I'd give him some fairly mundane equipment, or a couple of cheap things (the boots for one thing don't seem worth it on a lowly goblin).

You do seem to have a lot of artillery. Your suggestion of dropping the chukkas for more gobbos might well be a sound idea.

What's your basic plan of action?

Also snotling pump wagons are amazing, it might be worth looking into them.

As for the BSB, I'm a long standing fan of the "my BSB is my castle" approach. The basic bonuses the BSB provides (re-rolling leadership tests) is a billion % more important than the flimsy benefit of the spider banner. Keep that BSB alive (especially with pure gobbos, where everything tends to fall apart quite quickly without the general and BSB telling them what to do).

05-11-2010, 01:44
they are all night goblins yes?
good. Well items on leader change go more defensiv go with protetyness witch i allways good if against heavy armor army.

Think you should have more special untits a little more hard hitting like squigs or wolf cahriot insted!