View Full Version : 2000 pts of Beasts dirty tricks army (the dirtiest)

02-11-2010, 20:51
so here it is not a lot probably wont win tournaments but should be a riot to play and will certainly make my opponent think.

Lords 350

Malagor with lore of death

Heros 280

Bray Shaman shadow lvl 2 with spite stone 135

Bray Shaman shadow lvl 2 with Skin of Man and Hagtree fetish 145

Core 630

10 units of 10 ungor raiders with muscian 630

Special 420

10 Scouting Harpies 140

10 Scouting Harpies 140

10 Scouting Harpies 140


Jabberslythe 275

total 1955

So this list I think would be fairly fun to play. I have lots of flying, scouting ambushing people. I can pick and choose my fights with the manouverability. I can also choose not to fight deathstars and if i lose a unit of ungors.... big deal congrats on your 63 points.

One tactic in the magic phase is to sling shot in malagor with a shadow spell recharge the batteries with some death magic and sligshot him out again with another cheap shadow spell.

I like the idea that i can quickly overwhelm war machines with my Furys (harpies, i use fury models) and i can create a situation where there are too many targets to pick one or bait enemy units into a chase.

Yes I have realized I will automatically lose that one scenario where the banners count as VPs, that sucks oh well the other scenarios should be fun.

Im sure big terror causing monsters that fly would crush me if i dont manage to shoot them to death or nail them with death magic, or avoid them by killing there movement stat with shadow magic. Regardless looks fun.

I'd like to know your thoughts, how would you alter this army to making it more sneaky, or how would you like to face an army list like this in a game.