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03-11-2010, 11:39
I'm putting together a 2500 point list but I am a little limited in terms of models, aside from the models listed i only really have an extra mage model, an Eltharion the blind model and another 5 Ellyrian reavers to mix and match with.

Any suggestions/constructive criticisms are very welcome.

Lvl 4 Mage (life, goes with the White Lions)
- loremaster cloak
- silver wand
- forliaths robe
= 355 pts


- Radiant Gem of Hoeth (death or beast?)
- dragon armor
- charmed shield
- lance
- Great Eagle

= 195 pts

Noble (also with White lions)
- Caledor Armour
- luck stone
- amulet of light
- great weapon
= 163 pts


20x Lothern Sea Guard 260
- Shields
- Musician
- Sea Master
- Standard Bearer
= 285 pts

24x Lothern Sea Guard 312
- Shields
- Musician
- Sea Master
- Standard Bearer
- banner of eternal flame
= 347 pts


19x White lions 285
- full command
- Dragonbane gem
- iron curse icon
- Banner of sorcery
= 375 pts

18x sword masters 270 pts
- full command
- talisman of loec
- banner of swiftness
= 325 pts

6x sword masters
= 90 pts


5 ellyrian reavers 85 pts
+ musician
+ bows

2X Bolt throwers
= 200 pts

1 Eagles
=50 pts


Avatar of the Eldar
03-11-2010, 15:54
Just a couple quick thoughts:

- Reavers are Special choices and probably aren't your best choice. But you may be using them instead of a second eagle due to models and I've done that before.

- Do you have enough points of minimum Core? I have a list with 2 units of LSG but I recall them needing to both be at 24.

- It's been a long time since I've run a noble on an eagle. He's vulnerable and not exactly a combat monster. Maybe a magic bow since he's a mage and he'll be standing off anyway? Death is a good lore for your junior mage with Life on the lvl 4.

- Don't know that you need those extra tchotchke's on your elite unit champions. I take Skeinsliver but Talisman of Loec is better on a multi-wound hero, preferably a Prince. (Made better by the regen potential in the Lore of Life)

You might consider ditching your RBT's and beefing up your SM's and WL's. Not right away but experiment down the road. I used them for 8 years playing HE and I'm doing fine without them in 8th ed.

04-11-2010, 02:47
Thanks for the feedback, with regards to your comments,

- Yes i'm running the Ellyrian Reavers instead of another eagle due to lack of models, plus the Reavers are very nice models, can't say i feel the same about the GW eagles.

- I just meet the minimum core (632 pts, so 7 points over), probably due to the full commands and the magic banner.

- I don't think there's enough points to take the Gem of Hoeth and a magic bow, maybe a normal bow? I was thinking of using him for warmachine, mage and BSB hunting.

- Could definitely cut back on the magic items, am also thinking if having a swordmaster champion is even really necessary? There's no hero level models in there that need protection, I can always give the skeinsliver to the whitelion champ.

- I'm a bit worried about my monster killing potential without the RBT's, how do you handle big critters?