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04-11-2010, 05:45
My roommates and I are going to have a tournament in December and the winner will get a model paid for by the two losers, as such I would really like to win! I am new to Warhammer but we will be playing many practice games before the official tournament. My roommates are playing Dark Elves and Vampire Counts at 1500pts. I forget which scenarios we decided upon but Blood and Glory is not one of them. This is the current list that I am looking at and would love some advice and suggestions as to how I could tailor it to beat my roommates.

Spellweaver 305pts
Lvl 4, Lore of Life, WoWE

Alter Noble 128pts
GW, Light Armor & Shield, Helm of the Hunt

BSB 132pts
Light Armor, HoDA, Asyendi's Bane

Branchwraith 90pts
Cluster of Radiant

10 x Glade Guard 142pts
Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame

10 x Glade Guard 120pts

8 x Dryads 96pts

8 x Dryads 96pts

8 x Dryads 96pts

3 x Treekin 195pts

2 x Great Eagle 100pts


I have been doing decent against their magic thus far but I am feeling a bit weak in combat. I am not sold with the Alter Noble he is just something I am trying out, I may try and replace him with a solid anvil because I feel that I might be lacking in that department. Thanks for any help!

04-11-2010, 15:55
Drop the alter noble, he's not worth the points. I'd also drop the branch wraith and add some more treekin or a treeman to the list.

04-11-2010, 21:25
Agreed. Drop the alter noble, and personally I like to take an annoyance of netlings on a branchwraith just to hold up a hero in close combat.
Also, if you give a noble the battle standard, doesn't it lose its longbow?
Finally, I agree. If you can add more tree kin or a treeman; either of those tends to work as an anvil pretty damn well

04-11-2010, 21:38
Thanks for the feedback guys. I am playing around with some numbers to try and add in either a Treeman or 3 Treekin. I am going to have to test them both out since I would also need to drop say a Great Eagle to make room for the Treeman, whereas the Treekin would still leave a few points left over to play around with.

Also I am considering dropping the HoDA and perhaps trying out the Hunter's Talon and Pageant of Shrikes to try and snipe characters. Both the VC and DE player have been putting their lords and sorceresses in the front lines of some ghouls and warriors so they could be vulnerable with their lack of armor saves.

06-11-2010, 05:05
This is my new list I will be trying out, taking a Treeman and my sniper of unarmored characters. Thoughts?

Spellweaver 270pts
Lvl 3, Lore of Life, WoWE

BSB 142pts
Light Armor, Hunter's Talon, Pageant of Shrikes

10 x Glade Guard 148pts
Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame

10 x Glade Guard 120pts

12 x Dryads 144pts

12 x Dryads 144pts

3 x Treekin 195pts

Treeman 285pts

Great Eagle 50pts


06-11-2010, 23:43
If you really want to win that model, i would recomend the following;

Treeman ancient with Cluster and annoyance of netlings (375)
6 Treekin (390)
Treeman (285)
3 x 11 Glade guard with banners and musicians (450)

This is roughly what i took to an imformal 1500pt tournament recently, and what i used in most of my games in the run up to 8th.

However, if you dont mind being a bit more balanced, i would suggest in your list dropping the dryads for more GG. The S4 bows and swift reform is an amazing combo, and can give you lots of banner points quick aswell.


13-11-2010, 22:55
Interesting list Sheriff, since we won't be playing the Blood and Glory scenario would you change anything with your core units? Since I won't need the banners would you still use all GG or would you use some dryads instead?

14-11-2010, 20:49
Always GG. Dryads have lost there flare.

This army has been refined to gold. You put your free wood opposite his best, non flaming unit. Deploy both your treemen in there, and they are flanked by the GG who use the Free reform, no panaltys for Move@Fire, S4 short range to short firefight the enemy into submission (while following the men). Then, the treekin go opposite the opponents next biggest threat/points sink, and provide a double threat.

The idea is, by using your 3 bound Tree-singing's, you move the wood towards him, then you strangle root. By utilising pre-measuring, line both treemen up 6" away. He then has 3 options to stop this threat of constant 2Dartillery of S4/5 hits.

If he charges you, you stand and shoot, wallop the unit, move on.
If he stays where he is, and shoots, magiks you, take the pain and repeatidly strangle root him or charge him if you need to stop being fireballed.
If he tries to run away, follow him and shoot him with the GG and strangle root, watching your flanks with the GG.
If he pins you down with anouther unit as a diversion, strangle root them as stand and shoot and wack them a turn, and shoot the the unit trying to escape with the GG.

Its quite well thought out. It covers most bases, and should bring down his worst.