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Grey Mage
04-11-2010, 10:53
Well, 2249 to be exact. The GF wanted some help with adapting her lists to 8th ed without buying a slew of new models and I figured Id post it up before handing it over. The Spellweaver goes with the 19 strong gladegaurd, the Branchwraith with the Dryads. Using the Highborn Alter to hunt heavy cav and similar low AS units that the GG have problems with, the Noble to hunt war machine crews and enemy characters, or HoD a unit softened up by GG fire. Warhawks flank, hoping to jump over enemy battle lines and distract/marchblock and take out targets of oppurtunity.

Plenty of banners, and loving the new rules for firing in two ranks. Thats the plan anyways.

Wood Elf Highborn- Alter Kindred, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Shield of Ptolos, Luckstone- 270pts.
Spellweaver- Lore of Life, Lvl 4, Divination Orb - 275pts.

Wood Elf Noble- Great Eagle, Hail of Doom, Shrieking Blade, Dragonhelm, Shield, Light armor- 179pts.
Branchwraith- Cluster of Radiants- 90pts.

19 Glade Gaurd- Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame- 262pts.
10 Glade Gaurd- Full Command- 144pts.
10 Glade Gaurd- Full Command- 144pts.
10 Glade Gaurd- Full Command- 144pts.
8 Dryads- 96pts.
5 Gladeriders- 120pts.

3 Treekin- 195pts.
3 Warhawks- Champion- 140pts.
3 Warhawks- Champion- 140pts.

Great Eagle- 50pts.

So, thoughts, ideas, commentairy? 2k and 2250 are the standards around here.

Grey Mage
05-11-2010, 17:28
Or is this rather spot on?

05-11-2010, 23:04
I would drop the riders and the dryads, and the champions on the GG and warhawks. That gives you enough points for a treeman (which to save money, buy the LotR Ent, which looks better aswell, and is what i use :p).

I would also swap the eagle noble for a bsb with Armour of Silverd steel, luckstone, standard (150). I would use the remaining points to make Div.Orb, Wand of wych elm.

With those suggestions, you have a lack of drayds for the branchwraith. I woudl drop him, and add an extra eagle or basic mage.


Grey Mage
05-11-2010, 23:25
Well thats something.

I have the Divination Orb already, wich prohibits taking the Wand of Wych Elm.

Why do I want the Standard Bearer of the Eagle Noble?

And why would a basic mage be better in this situation than a Branchwraith? The Wraith has the same spellcasting ability, better CC prowess, and automatically adds a DD to my pool.

05-11-2010, 23:39
Adress them in order;

*Swap the orb for the wand. I've tried both, You'll get more use from it.
*Get rid of the eagle. Youw want him for all the charecteristic re-rolls, which is really handy.
*It's 50pts to make a branchwraith lv.1, which is'nt worth it. Also, if you drop the dryads as one of the combined elements for the treeman, apart from the 'kin, she'll have nowhere to go. You could try putting her there, but she woudl'nt get 'Look out Sir', which might make her quite vunerable. and, moving trees or possible making stuff invisible or regen is quite handy.

Grey Mage
05-11-2010, 23:45
Whats this about Characteristic Tests? I thought it was just morale/leadership?

And why do you think the eagle should go from him, when you recommend taking an extra eagle with the points left over?

05-11-2010, 23:51
I meant LD, sorry. But thats still good.

I already suggested anouther eagle aswell in my first post, maybe instead of the branchwraith/spellsinger.

Grey Mage
06-11-2010, 00:46
Alright, Ill think about it and talk it over with her- anyone else have thoughts?