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04-11-2010, 12:43
Hullo! Here comes a Deamon list I intend to use this weekend. I will be facing TK, I do not know what units and stuff he has, never played against him before. But I have faced TK before. He is unsure about rules and stuff, so my guess it will not be a hardcore WAAC game.

I sadly do not have alot of room when it comes to models and what to use. What I do want some help with is what lore to use for my casters and what I should be getting for the future. I have plans, that includes a box of horros and another box of 3 chrushers.

List is as follows:
Daemon prince, lvl 2, winged horror, iredecent corona, unnatural swiftness

Herald of Khorne, jugger, firestorm blade, armour of khorne

Herlad of Tzeentch, Master of sorcery, flames of Tzeentch

Herald of Slaanesh, Siren song, BSB, Torment blade, Banner of unholy victory

20 Bloodletters, FC, Icon of endless war

21 Deamonettes, FC, Siren standard

5 Nurglings

6 Seekers

6 Screamers

4 Flamers

Total: 2246p

What I can do is put another 2 flamers in, and take away a nurgling base and a sceamer. But that would get me to 2251, and I would rather stay under 2250 then above even if it only is 1 point.
Concerning Torment blade... I mean do we really know if it ads an attack or not!? I hear both yes and no all the time when it comes up, was it in the errata? I downloaded the first one but not after they redid them, so did that come up?

So what Lores should I use. For the DP I think fire is the best bet, with TK having stuff that is flammable, the other choices he has does not really work vs TK that well.
For the Tz Herald I have no idea, life is allways good... but I am unsure what would work best.

Any hints are wellcome, and remember I cant throw in 10 Fleshhounds or a greater deamon... so thoose hints wount help much ;)

05-11-2010, 09:22
No tips or ideas?

I know I dont have much room for change, but still it would be nice to hear if people see this asa good list or plain aweful.

I will take away one NUrgling stand for one more flamer. I have made my own Nurglings and I cant be bothered to make 5. :p

Pics will come up in the painting section later today if you wanna look.

05-11-2010, 11:48
I cannot give you much advice for changing models as I dont what you can field. But for starters you could drop winges from the prince, as it really doesnt add much to his base move of 8". Fire lore is quite a solid choise for him and works well against most foes. You -really- should make herald of Khorne bsb instead, as Slaanesh herald cannot take much hits from anything. Drop Khorne herald from Jugger to give him look out sire and again save some points. For Tzeentch herald you could pick lore of light, as it is just great against undead and also provides very solid buffs for your army.

For your core troops, siren standard against tomb kings is really useless. They are not going to flee from your charge and rarely have much that can be used to stand and shoot. Instead of 6 screamers you might want to use them in an unit of 3 or 4, since 6 is very hard to manouvre over enemy models. Unit of 6 also means that it is very easy VP for opponent and he is likely going to target it first, but for a smaller unit you dont lose so much and opponent rarely focuses on them at first. With those extra points you saved you should get more core daemons and ofcourse those few flamers that you were missing.

05-11-2010, 21:07
Thanks for the tips! I will tweak the list somewhat. I wish I had 10 more bloodletters and or something else to change with. But for now I will have to live with what I have.

05-11-2010, 22:53
Well TK can't stand and shoot so no worries there. As for useful lores, you could take life to keep your stuff up or death. To be honest death would be best. You could purple sun spam, but you would probably be best off targeting every priest in his army and killing it with lore of death. Then start going after princes and kings. His stuff will all be awful in combat so just rush him as fast as possible. Drop the nuglings, not really worth the points and he's very likely to have flaming catapults. I'd also drop the screamers and just try to add more core to your list. Either blood letters or daemonettes, it doesn't matter, just bring more blocks.