View Full Version : 1500 point High Elf

04-11-2010, 16:21
Playing around with a 1500 point list vs all comers.

Level 4 Mage (shadow) w/ F. Robes, T of Saphery, Silver Wand

Leve 2 Mage (High) w/ SeerStaff

BSB w/ AoC, GP and GW

20 Spearmen w/ FC BSB here

19 LSG w/ FC Level 2 here

17 White Lions w/ FC and Banner of Sorcery. Level 4 here

Comes in at 1500.

Use the Shadow special ability to move my characters around to protect them.

Use the Seerstaff to get the two spells I want from High (from shield, the magic missile, Flames, or Vaul's) depending on my opponent.

I could use Swordmaster in place of the White Lions but with out Life magic to regrow them they would get shot to crap.

Any thoughts?

04-11-2010, 17:14
I would change the WL for PG but that's just me, otherwise i think it looks nice and dandy ;)