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05-11-2010, 14:56
Hi all,

I need help clarifying a question that I couldn't find a cut and dry answer in the rulebook for.

2 units (A&B) are locked in close-combat to the frontal when enemy charges flank (C)


During the Magic Phase a spell wipes out the entire unit B except for a single hero.


Question #1) Does Unit C get a "Free Move" of 4 inches to be in contact with the hero (The unit itself was wiped, but not the character)

Question #2) If Unit C does not get a "Free Move" is it consider "out of combat" for purposes of combat resolution?

Question #3) For Combat Resolution against Unit A would Charging and/or Flank still apply?

The way we handled it was we didn't free-move Unit C after a spell wiped all but a hero. However, we still counted CHARGING as per the rulebook it states you get that having been charged regardless. However, we didn't count Flank as the unit wasn't in contact with the remaining model.

Any input on this situation would be welcomed!

05-11-2010, 15:14
I would think that as the hero was considered in combat with unit C since his unit was, he would be the one moved to be in contact with both units. He would still be in contact with the same number of models from unit A.

05-11-2010, 15:15
The hero was in a challenge at the time with Unit A at the left corner

05-11-2010, 16:12
Keep in mind that when the heros' unit is destroyed he (or she) forms a new unit immediately (as per the most recent FAQ update to the BRB) so all the rules for a unit being destroyed before combat apply.

05-11-2010, 17:34
Keep in mind that when the heros' unit is destroyed he (or she) forms a new unit immediately (as per the most recent FAQ update to the BRB) so all the rules for a unit being destroyed before combat apply.

So by that are you trying to say no one would be in combat with him as he forms a new seperate unit??? and the units would be able to overrun/reform etc etc

it matter not where the challenge is in the unit you simply ignor the space between the character and the charged unit hed have to be placed so that he is in contact with all units involved in the combat....that how i interpret it anyway????

05-11-2010, 18:26
Perhaps my wording wasn't as clear as the FAQ makes it so I'll re-quote it here:

Q: At what point after a unit has been wiped out do any characters
remaining count as having left the unit? (p101)
A: As soon as the last model from the unit has been removed,
any remaing characters will count as a new unit Note that this
will cause Panic tests to all frienddly units within 6" (including
the newly formed unit of character(s)) as the unit has been

The newly formed unit/character(s) is still in combat with unit A.

I don't have my rulebook handy right now but, for the unit that charged in the flank, I think they still get to overrun/reform/ect, as per a charged unit being destroyed before the chargers get to engage combat.

05-11-2010, 18:34
I'd say you should move the remaining model in order to keep both enemy units involved with the combat. This is just my opinion, though.



05-11-2010, 19:49
As diagrammed, Unit C did not make a legal charge since it should have overlapped Unit A to maximize models. Once there is overlap, C *cannot* shift forward and must become a unit out of combat.

If Unit A is wider than Unit B or Unit B is deeper than Unit C is wide, then you could have a legal charge which would allow C to step forward. In this case, I would shuffle C forward to remain in contact witht he target unit as long as any R&F models remain.

If you destroy Unit B outright before combat (and the FAQ says if all the R&F died and there are only characters left you have destroyed unit B and now there is a new Unit D comprised only of characters) then C is a unit out of combat and will not shift.

05-11-2010, 23:16
C would have to overrun into the character to get into combat with it. It is a new unit now after all...