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06-11-2010, 01:05
Hi all, i have been looking over my lizardmen army book and time and again keep finding myself looking at the section of the book where it shows you three "themes" of armys that you can build. I keep looking at the section where it discribes an army with no saurus whatsoever. i've been thinking that this would be a fun army to play (for me at least) as i like all the monsters (salamanders, razordons, teradons) as well as the kroxigors and chameleon skinks (not keen on stegadons, but thats just me) and my armys have alwase been skink heavy as it was.

However, i think that without sarurus the army will lack the stamina (although this could be made up for with numbers) and most importantly the punch in close combat to be a viable list. Im not looking to take this list to a tournament or what have you, but i do want it to be competitive in my local gaming group who are all reasonably skilled and experenced players. as such i will post up what i have (mini wise) and would like you guys to let me know what you think i will need to make any lists i make more viable when it comes to either avoiding cc or helping to win it.

70~ skinks with javs and sheilds (1 full command, in the process of converting another 2)
20 skinks with blowpipes
10 chameleon skinks
3 skink cheiftans (2 of which could be used as preists)
1 skink preist
3 kroxigor
3 salamander hunting packs

thanks all.

06-11-2010, 01:26
In a smaller game [1500 pts(7th ed, mind you)], I have seen a completely skink army rip an empire army to shreds, despite the empire having a sizeable knight unit and a mortar.
That was without salamnaders, razordons, or stegadons, too, and probably minimal magic.

How it scales as the game gets larger, or how it would play out in 8th ed (skrimishing changes probably hurt it the most, but everything else got better) I am not certain. Large units in addition to hunting packs and blowpipe stegadons would probably be your best bet (go magic heavy if you really don't want any stegadons).

06-11-2010, 01:48
blocks of 24 + 3 kroxigors would serve as your line

06-11-2010, 01:59
skink ridden/crewed units such as stegadons, salamanders, razordons and terradons also fit...so would be fluffy if you include all of these

06-11-2010, 04:11
Large units of skinks plus two kroxigors- so something like 44 skinks and 2 kroxigors- make for durable core- you might not be winning a lot of combats but the attrition usually ensures that they have to have close to the same number of models to stand up to you-

At lower points an all skink skirmisher list is devastating-

The problem at higher points becomes one of how to protect a Slann- or you could try going without a Slann-

Either way at 2000pts or less you should win a lot of games with an all skink list- at larger points values you might find yourself getting overpowered by large CC blocks (chaos warriors, swordmasters, etc)

06-11-2010, 13:42
1) An all skink army MSU (mainly skirmishers) will work and is very frustrating to face. Very simple tactic of moving and shooting. Dragons, Giants, GD are all viable targets that could be slain in 2/3 volleys of poisoned shots

2) Include Stegadons to tackle knights, Salamanders and some magical defence. If your Chamaeleon skinks can take out stone throwers etc - you have a good chance.

3) Dwarves will be a difficult foe but use the free skirmisher reform to out manoeuvre them.

06-11-2010, 22:52
wow thanks for the input guys, definatly a lot to consider. What do you guys think of terradons?

So as a summary the list is definatly viable at smaller but may suffer at larger point values due to a lack of melee punch. Stegadons can be used as a buffer against this in higher point games. Salamanders are a must have, as are multiple skink preists with the cube of darkness, staff of sorcery, ect as magic defence.

07-11-2010, 01:30
The terradons are kinda competing with chamelon skinks for the same job, hunting down warmachines and light units. personally i would go with the chameleon skinks, they just do more than the terradon 1 shot drop rocks. However, if you take that one SC, the terradon one, then its pretty viable, and bieng skinks i doubt people will complain about you taking him.

Grey Mage
07-11-2010, 02:12
I think Terradons make decent secondairy assault troops- IE if your Krox+Skink block is having trouble charge in a unit of 5 terradons thats been harrying the enemy, and then let them help out for a couple turns to turn things around before darting off again.

One thing I think is really useful though is multiple level 2 skink priests- the signature spell for lore of heavens is obscenely powerful for its casting value.

07-11-2010, 11:41
Well, I'm playing the same type of list, no steggies.

The reason why I'm playing all skinks is because the only reason I play L.M. is because I love Southland fluff. So no saurus in my list.

One thing is for sure, its VERY viable, the downside of that statement is you'll find that your specials, slann and salamanders will out class and overshadow any skink unit you drop down on the table and the more you look at bringing a skinks list into a tournament environment the more you'll find yourself shaving off skinks to fit in more heavy hitters.

In saying all that ... wow, what a fun list to play in this edition.

I center my list around Slann/salamanders + utility Chameleons depleteing units at range and then try to control combat with Cohorts + Kroxigor units.

The critical issue is taking whole units off the board, even enemy units at half strength can be a worry to skinks and other utility units.