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12-03-2006, 20:59
Thane 65
MRoChallenge 25
2 x RoWarding 30
RoStone 5
GW and Shield 6

Bsb 90
MRoFear 75
RoStoicim 25

16 warriors
w/shields and Full command 169

10 thunderers 140

14 Ironbreakers
Full command 212
RoSanctuary 15
RoBattle 25

Organgun 120

Total: 1002

What do you think? most things wont break these fearcausing ironbreakers witht their 2x unitstrength, most magic will be useless against them with 3 magic resistance, flank threats will be taken care of with the organgun and the thunderers (hopefully) and the other flank will be blokked with warriors...

think it'll work?

Bran Dawri
12-03-2006, 21:46
It might. I'd suggest using slayers to cover the flank, and not warriors; 16 warriors can break all too easily.
Also, if you're going to invest so many points in your BSB, you'd better give him some protection as well. RO guarding was printed for a reason, you know.

Also, a very nice combination with a unit ironbreakers is the relatively unkillable thane with a 1+ rerollable armoursave, and greatweapon to dish out the cavalry-busting attacks your ironbreakers can't. Will cost you a bit of magic resistance though.

Donnie Darko
12-03-2006, 21:57
Your BSB will die on the first turn of combat. Then it doesn't much matter, since the enemy will get +290 points for him alone, what else will happen. Your thane can't hurt anything if he want's to survive, so is pointless to have (no LD increase).

As it stands One big calvary unit charging the ironbreakers and they're off.

Ie K Errant 11 strong with Palidin. Palidn w/ kit will likely hit twice causing the 2 wounds to kill off the BSB while a rank and file or two and ensure the job is done. The campion can chalange the Thane if it comes up.

you'll end combat down 3 IB's and won't inflict any damage back. Netting a break test on -5 without the re-roll, so bye bye IB and aprx 600 points plus the game.

Dwarfs don't need huge character's in a small game. If anything one RS is plenty, so leave it at that.

By dropping the huge points sink, you could double your force, and provide a impeneratable wall of dwarf in 1000 points.

13-03-2006, 07:17
Yep, to many points in the charakters. Your opponent will maybe even leave the the ironbreakers allone and kill the rest.

13-03-2006, 10:45
the 3 things that comes to mind when its about killing my bsb it is a scar-vet, a vampire thrall or a chaos hero.. these chars will be in units right? most likely (with the exeption of the nike veteran) and i have a organgun and thunderers too hopefully take care of those units that they may be in, and if i give RoGuarding to my bsb he'll probably last 1,2 rounds in combat, and if it isn't breaked by then, the match is lost anyway...

and not many people play bretts here lokaly, i am the onelyone i think (dwarfs and brets rock) and in 1k matches i think that with the organgun and the thunderers i will reduce the 11 errants with paladin so that they will loose their rankbonus at least..

and the warriors break easely? may be against very hard hitting enemy, but greatswords and the like wont break them easely... and chaos warriors or chaos knights? well, there is a reason that i have MRoChallenge on my thane (if the organgun and the thunderers havent done enough dmg on them)

but is there something else i have missed? i think that against shooty armies i'll have a problem with M6 each turn and if i loose 1 model thats 1 CR in CC..

13-03-2006, 13:24
Think about this..... Swarms would block your fearcousing unit and globed with poisson. Then attacked by slaves and clanrats(when they finally make the test). The rest would be shoot up by ratlinggun/ magic and leadbelchers, while being flanked by ratogres, nightrunners and other furries. You will be out-shot, out-nummbered, out-flanked and out-done. Did i scare you already? *snikker* Just have fun!