View Full Version : DD questions - Challenges & Forced Step up

06-11-2010, 14:09
A refused challengee cannot fight but what happens when he is forced to step up against a 2 tiered Initiative enemy unit.

1) Can he be attacked by the lower Initiative enemy attacks if he is forced to step up to the fighting rank?
If so will his special abilities come into play e.g. -1A from models in btb or Ld test for those who wish to strike him etc

2) Up to what extent will these allowed special abilites extend to?

Thanks in advance :)

06-11-2010, 14:27
If he is in a position where he can be attacked, he can be attacked.

There's no reason why any abilities other than passing enhanced Ld to the unit will not work.

07-11-2010, 14:23
The problem is with special combat attacks from magic items or from special abilities.
Some abilities/magic items inflict hits in combat
e.g. Daemons - Iridescent Corona,
Skaven BSB w Banner of Under Empire

Would these fall under the umbrella of attacks disallowed - their description strongly suggests that they are not caused by the bearer.

08-11-2010, 11:33
The model is prevented from fighting. The things you describe are not "fighting".

08-11-2010, 14:45
It seems to me that the rules for challenges do not take into account that a retired character can be brought into combat due to the Step Up rule.

The rules clearly put the character and his unit at a disadvantage when a challenge is refused. With that in mind, I figure it is in keeping with the intent of the rules that the character may not take offensive actions, but is susceptible to enemy attacks.

Just my opinion, though.