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Time of Madness
06-11-2010, 15:10
Gone about making a pretty tough 2000pt tourny list for Daemons. This one is a bit on the nasty side (in my opinion).


Bloodthrister (General)
- Immortal Fury (re-roll misses)
- Armour of Khorne
= 490pts

Herald of Khorne (BSB)
- Armour of Khorne
- Standard of Sundering
= 190pts

Herald of Tzeentch
- Master of Sorcery (Life)
- Spellbreaker
= 165pts


29 Bloodletters
***Herald of Khorne BSB Here***
- Full Command
- Icon of Endless War
= 403pts

10 Horrors
***Herald of Tzeentch Here***
- Standard
= 132pts

5 Furies
= 60pts

5 Furies
= 60pts


5 Flesh Hounds
= 175pts


6 Flamers
= 210pts

= 55pts

= 55pts

Total Points = 1995pts

Next to a Slann the bloodthrister is the best lord choice any army has access to in 2000pt games. He comes in with 7 re-rollable S6 hits and can take on most units by himself especially if he can get a flank charge off.

The other 2 characters are used in a support role. Every army needs a bsb and why not take one that will help out the bloodletters as well as help the magic phase out a bit. The Tzeentch herald sits in his small bunker of horrors and boosts my units with the lore of life. He also has a spell breaker to get rid of one of the nasty spells.

30 letters should hopefully be able to take on most large infantry units I'll come up against. The flesh hounds will support them on the flank. The hounds also work well going after the smaller units allowing the letters and thrister to get into combat.

The rest of the list is a bunch of nice utility units that really help this army out. Not only do the furies/fiends/flamers give me a bunch of deployment drops, but they all have important roles to fulfill to make this list successful. The furies act as screens, diverters harrassers and can go after war machines etc. The fiends can also go after war machines and small support units. The flamers can generally focus on whittling my opponents larger units down before combat. The can also be used in support of my combat units or zip around and take on small units.

Overall this is a very flexible list capable of taking on and winning against most other 2000pt lists.
Time of Madness

06-11-2010, 16:10
just watch out for enemy War machines

Your General could easily have several S10 D3 or D6 wounds heading his way