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06-11-2010, 16:45
I often face a O&G player, an I always lose to him.
His tactic is that his army consists of 3 blocks:

2 block with archers ( i think they are 10 wide and 4 deep)

1 block of black orcs ( 10 wide 4 deep) with grimgor.

Somewhere in the blocks he got a BSB too.

Last time faced him, I threw a purple sun right through his black orcs, killing all but the front rank. This front rank with grimgor the charged my unite of 20 templeguards and slann, and butchered the unit. I lost very bad.
Before i threw purple sun, I tried to snipe Grimgor with some death magics, but nothing went trough. It's allways Grimgor that I can't do anything about, because even i I throw an oldblod on carno at Grimgor, Grimgor will butcher him anyway.

This was in a small 1500 pts tourney.

What kind of list can I make, so when I face him, I'll have a chance of winning.

06-11-2010, 17:11
>>templeguards and slann,

Here is your problem.

Slann is very expensive to be bringing to a 1500 points. He isnt winning because his list is good ( it isnt ), he is winning because he simply has too many models for you to deal with on the table

06-11-2010, 17:21
Slann is good. Temple Guard is not, on 1500. I'm not quite sure how he blocks Death Spells, since he can't have a L4 Shaman and a BSB and the Totem (wether he or the Blorcs carry it carries it) are quite expensive. At the bottom line he can't have any upgrades, on anything.

Just do the flying invulnerable Slann, snipe Grimgor off (should be easy. It's a god damn Slann, he has unlimited dice!) and burn him with Salamanders.

Grey Mage
07-11-2010, 07:53
Yeah, Slann alone is good enough at 1500- frankly the templegaurd and him would take up about 2/3 of your points at this level.

Slann with Focused Rumination, BSB, and Higher Conciousness- and Lore of Death. 350pts. Leaves 25pts for say a standard of discipline, or and bound item like the ring-o-fireball or statuette of spite.

Instead of the Templegaurd, why not drop 600pts on two units of Saurus, 25 strong, with HW+SH? After the the slann that still leaves you about 550pts for some skinks, a steg, maybe even some Razordons- who might do pretty well against the horde as a good flanking unit. Hell, even some krox would be scary- once you make your opponents WS 1, maybe even get some terror checks going on with your lore of death Slann....