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06-11-2010, 22:49
So this is going to be my first time using Dark Elves against his Dwarfs, and I am pretty nervous. Dwarfs are pretty nasty in this edition so I need all the help I can get :)

Supreme Sorceress - Black Staff, 4+ Ward Save item (I forget its name), Lvl 4 - 360

Master - BSB, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Hydra Banner - 192

40 Corsairs - Standard, Sea Serpent Banner - 435
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows - 110
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows - 110
7 Harpies - 77
7 Harpies - 77

40 Executioners - Standard - 492
10 Shades - Great Weapons - 180
10 Shades - Great Weapons - 180

4 Reaper Bolt Throwers - 400

Total: 2613 (I know this is a little over, but my friend and I don't really care)

I decided to try something a little different this game by not taking any crossbowmen because I thought they simply wouldnt do that much damage to the T4 dwarfs who all have atleast heavy armor. I also wanted to try an Executioner Horde, with the Hydra Banner, because he normally takes great weapons, so I don't need the ASF. Just tell me whatever you think. Thanks!!!

07-11-2010, 04:13
What lore will your Sorceress have? You mention being concerned that your Crossbowmen won't do much to T4 4+ armor Dwarves, but with a successful cast of The Withering they are T1-3 5+ armor, a very different target. If they are equipped with Great Weapons then they're only a 6+ against Crossbows.

Of course, your friend could bring an ungodly amount of magic defense in which case you may be better served by a Dreadlord on Pegasus. Coupled with the Cloak of Hag Graef and Dawnstone you get a 3+ re-rollable armor save against cannons which is pretty nice.

It seems like you are putting all of your fighting capability into two units with very little support. Where will your Sorceress go? If you're putting her in with Corsairs, a frenzied combat unit isn't exactly the best thing for her.

How many War Machines does your friend usually bring? Is it really necessary to have two sets of Dark Riders, two large sets of Shades, AND four bolt throwers? Seems pretty excessive, even for Dwarves.

08-11-2010, 09:57
Dwarves you say... you need Metal magic my son. With no armour saves against it and their high armour working against them in terms of wounding, what's not to like? Of course you'll be needing strong casters and the extra dice -

Dark Star Cloak and 2 Lvl 3's might be a good way to start.