View Full Version : 1500 point WoC vs HE vs Dwarfs

Evil Hypnotist
07-11-2010, 10:18
Hi all, hopefully taking on High Elves and Dwarfs tonight in a 3-way battle. I have just put together a marauder horde so looking forward to trying them out.

Wulfrik the Wanderer

50 Marauders, MoK, Great Weapons, Full Command

11 Chosen, MoTz, Great Weapons, Full Command, Blasted Standard

15 Warriors, MoK, Add. Hand Weapons, Full Command

5 Knights, MoN, Lances, Full Command, Banner of Rage

5 Chaos Warhounds, Scaly Skin

5 Chaos Warhounds, Scaly Skin

The plan is to throw the Marauders at the Swordmasters with the knights at the pointy ears, whilst the chosen attract cannonballs and march on the stunties with the warriors. The Hounds will be split between the two, looking at removing the painful war machines and helping out in combat.

Let me know what you think!