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07-11-2010, 17:32

Im in the progress of making a Rogue Trader themed army, and I want to include a Ratling character in the army. So, Ratlings are basically halflings, in space, yes? I had no luck in the 40K section asking if anyone knows a good mini plastic or metal, that would convert easily enough to be made more sci fi'ish to pass as a 40K figure.

So, i turn to the fantasy section asking you: Do any of you know a good halfing model, male or female, that can be converted easily enough to pass as a sci fi model?

The model may have a naval, marksman (gun!) or cook theme to it to help bring the character to life. He is a marksman, who is also the ships cook!

07-11-2010, 18:28
On the GW site, check the empire collector's section, their should be halfling hot pot set with three or four halfings in cook's garb. The second place to look would be the Blood Bowl miniatures section (I am pretty sure they have a halfling team).

07-11-2010, 18:49
yeah i saw them, but the only one i can potentially use is the cook himself (with the meat cleaver) and i think it would be better to put a chefs hat on a ratling sniper instead then :D

thanks for the pointers anyway! :)

07-11-2010, 18:52
What's wrong with the Imperial Ratlings (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440248a&prodId=prod2010019)?

The WHF Halfling Hotpot (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat500016a&prodId=prod1140135) might work, the Mordheim Halfling (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat490053a&prodId=prod1120061) too.

07-11-2010, 18:57
I don't quite get why you don't just use the ratling models. They look good, have the weapons you need, you just need to add some stuff to make it look like a cook. I think a 40k cook is going to look a lot more like a ratling than a halfling. The current ratlings have tunics that look like they could be a cooks - paint some food stains on.

You could add some of the Kroot meat hooks and maybe some knives, sculpt a ladel or something to give it a cooks feel. A chefs hat as well might make it even more cook like.

07-11-2010, 19:02
Obvious question: do you want a fat WHFB halfling, or a svelte D&D halfling? The D&D style halfling would be the easiest, as you could simply use a human miniature from a smaller scaled range.

07-11-2010, 19:06
well, his nickname is "Lardo", so the plumper kind of halfling. So far the ratlings are the closest match to, well, a ratling (lol) but being metal makes them a bit hard to work on. so a fantasy one in either plastic or metal, that has some space for sci fi bits, or prefably, plastic/resin ones, would be easier to work on.

also, i dont really need 5, just one :)

07-11-2010, 19:19
There's only one plastic halfling mini that I'm aware of is the one GW made for Warhammer Quest IIRC.
Here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3794265&postcount=26) is a picture of the little guy in my painting log.
Probably not the easiest mini to get your hands on.

You could check the Reaper Figure Finder (http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder) or the Halflings from Black Hat (http://www.blackhat.co.uk/online_shop/index.php?cPath=121_123_166&osCsid=8f885d3de7fd4c1a7ec1e9bf05e3fa8f).

Rolo Ramone
07-11-2010, 19:42
There are no plastic Halflings I think.

EDIT: OK, there is one...