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Brother Alexos
07-11-2010, 22:01
Hello, warseer. This is the backround fluff for the army that I'll be starting soon, come November 28th. It is an army based off of a regiment mentioned in Dan Abnett's Necropolis, the Narmenian armoured. C&C is welcome, and enjoy! There will also be a section on the Iacton Renegades, which I will be doing a small force of eventually.

General Coron Grizmund looked out over the vast, rolling grassland before him, watching smoke rise from the distant hive-city. It was the sole reason he and his regiment were stationed here. It was the only reason the Narmenian 1st was stationed here on Iacton. Hive-city Barbosa had with-held it’s tithe, and had declared itself independent of the Imperium. It was a key producer of the fuel cells, grenades, and bolt-rounds that fueled the Imperial guardsmen garrisoned the already-conquered worlds in the Sabbat worlds Crusade that was driving on only a sub-sector away. Without this world‘s output, the garrison forces holding the worlds already liberated in the Khan group would be open to attack, vulnerable to a flanking maneuver that could possibly throw the crusade force into disarray.
The other four hives on the planet would be able to take up the slack in production, but couldn’t continue shipping the arms vital to the Imperium due to Barbosa sending raiding forces in to steal supplies and perform daemonic rituals. There had even been small uprisings in the other Hives as a result of Barbosa’s heresy. A coalition force from the other hives had been sent in to pacify Barbosa, containing over four regiments of the local Planetary Defense force, Drawn from the still-loyal Dekko, Zeulk, and Svehun Hives, with enough armor to crack the hive’s curtain walls open like an eggshell. After five day’s travel, the hives lost contact with them. Two days after that, they vanished.
Over Twenty-five thousand guardsmen, and the another fifty thousand men in logistics and munitorium agents supporting them. Gone. Comms couldn’t raise them, nor could they be seen from orbit due to the toxic pollution clouds that blanketed the planet. Poor bastards either died, or turned thought Grizmund, shaking his head as he stared at the empty land before him. He and his regiment had arrived two weeks ago, and at Hive Dekko’s request, they were heading to the last known location of the missing regiments. The landscape had been completely quite. Not a single Bat-hound, Pterasquirrel, or any other local animal were around. Even the monolithic Arachnasaurs were nowhere to be seen, and they were as large as a Hive-block.
It’s as if the planet itself knows what’s infected their world, thought Grizmund, looking up at the sky. He took one last look at the surrounding terrain, and reluctantly dropped back into the Glory of the Throne‘s turret, closing the top hatch behind him.
“Grizmund to all units, we are moving out, spearhead formation. I want groups of three salamanders and two chimeras apiece to our flanks, with infantry behind the spearhead. Divisions three and five on the left flank, staggered pattern, and Divisions two and four on the right, staggered pattern. Division one and six will form the tip of the spear. Tracking?” Grizmund barked into the comms unit.
“Aye, sir! Third division moving into position.”
“Fourth division, tracking.”
“Fifth division, ready!”
“Second division, we’re at your side.”
“Sixth division, prepped and revving.”
“Infantry elements are ready, sir. Awaiting your orders.”
“Lone wolf looses arrows over the pale moon.”
Grizmund chuckled to himself as the Recon group counted off. Ever since that Verghast crew had joined, they referred to themselves as “Lone wolf”, on account that they were the only Tank assigned to the Recon group. Technically, all they drove was a small Atlas Recovery vehicle, but they still considered themselves the only tank in recon. They even talked in codes, which had quickly spread to the rest of the Recon group, infuriating any Tank elements they spoke to. The infantry elements tend to ignore them, but damned if they didn’t save lives. Just last year, they had spotted an enemy’s armor column coming up on the Narmenian’s left flank. Without their warning, many of their tanks and, more importantly, their crew’s lives, would have been lost.

More to come, soon.