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08-11-2010, 02:13
I am eventually trying to craft a 2500 point tournament list for the January/February time frame. Whoever has the most wins during those two months, and plays at least 10 games, get a free invite to a GT.

I had pretty decent success with a Blood Knights type list (got Best General) at the last tournament. This time I want to try out some other combinations but still focused hand to hand. Last I'll try a more caster focused list.

Here is what I am thinking about for this next tournament in a few weeks.

2500.0 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster


Vampire Lord @ 455.0 pts
. . Level 3
. . Blood Drinker
. . Glittering Scales
. . Crown of the Damned
. . Beguile
. . Ghoulkin
. . Red Fury

Goes in the Grave Guard. I keep going back and forth between Ogre Blade and Blood Drinker. I am just worried that with Blood Drinker I won't have enough hitting power because I don't have access to either a potion of strength or Lore of the Beasts. I figured Glittering Scales was the best protection since I wanted to give The Flayed Hauberk to my Thrall. I took level 3 because in the last tournament I only had a level 2 and there were a lot of times I wished I had the additional level. Particularly when fighting against a level 4, there is a lot of difference between +2 and +3 to cast.

Vampire @ 200.0 pts
. . Tomb Blade
. . The Flayed Hauberk
. . Infinite Hatred
. . Walking Death

Goes in Skeletons. I was sitting and trying to think about how I could make a tarpit unit, and thought I'd give this combination a try.

Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 135.0 pts
. . Battle Standard Bearer
. . Royal Standard of Strigos

Goes in Grave Guard with General.

Konrad @ 145.0 pts

Would go with one of the Ghoul units. I've been seeing a lot of monsters (Ogres, Trolls, etc.). I've never actually used Konrad before but on paper he seems like an ideal counter to those.


30 Skeleton Warriors @ 285.0 pts
. . Full Command
. . Banner of the Endless Nightmare

With the Thrall they will have a +5 static combat resolution and be able to regenerate with the Tomb Blade. Form up 5 across and 6 deep.

25 Crypt Ghouls @ 208.0 pts
. . Crypt Ghast

25 Crypt Ghouls @ 208.0 pts
. . Crypt Ghast

Standard Ghoul Units. One with Konrad. With Ghoulkin they can get a jump to move up a flank or intercept a monster unit. Form up in a 5x5 formation.


24 Grave Guard @ 387.0 pts
. . Full Command
. . The Banner of the Barrows

BSB and General here. Form up 6x4. This is my main hammer unit.


5 Cairn Wraiths @ 275.0 pts
. . Tomb Banshee Upgrade

I love these guys. Yes, against certain enemies they are free points (Daemons) but against most they are at the very least very annoying to deal with. Even my last game against Skaven the Tomb Banshee screamed a Doomwheel Away and the unit destroyed a unit of Clanrats, among other things. They've worked out very well for me.

1 Black Coach @ 200.0 pts

Have yet to try this in the new edition. Since my list is magic light I figured this would help in the magic defense department. And can lend some power to any given engagement.

Total Roster Cost: 2498.0

My thoughts are that this list has some good versatility but it will need to be played with finesse. My Lord and Grave Guard are very hitty, but the Lord will not stand up to a fully tooled combat character. My Skeletons should be able to decently tarpit most infantry that don't have a ton of attacks, but would still die horribly to many elites (such as witch elves). Ghouls will be great against low armor save enemies but not as good against armored foes.

I think it could work well but would like to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for all replies.