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08-11-2010, 08:54
hey there, I have a WoC army and are tempted by the dwarfs now.

so a quick question, when DON'T I want to take great weapons on warriors?

And, what would make a good aggressive army so I can make use of this awesome daemon slayer (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440054a&prodId=prod780864) mini a friend gave me.

Personally, I'm thinking a decent sized block of warrior/longbeard rangers backed by a thane with an oathstone.

08-11-2010, 09:07
Honestly? There is just about no time when taking GW's is a bad idea. You are going to strike last against 90% of stuff, may as well strike last at S5(6).

There are only two places where I could see shields over GW being good
1) If you have the models
2) For a small longbeard block as a bsb bunker or something like that.

08-11-2010, 13:24
basicaly you want as many GW a possible shove them on everything that can have them

08-11-2010, 21:17
Personally, I'm thinking a decent sized block of warrior/longbeard rangers backed by a thane with an oathstone.

Longbeard rangers can be sexy. The rules lawyer in me feels the need to point out that Thanes in ranger units can't take an oath stone and must pay out a 20 point rune to deploy as a scout/miner, but I digress.

A great weapon equipped army can be nasty you just need to take a large enough units like 25-30 otherwise you'll give up rank bonuses to easy.

I've used slayer heroes on their own for the last month and they are very nice.

08-11-2010, 21:56
I find Rangers work well in combination with a unit with a thane on Oathstone and Strollaz. Deploy the rangers towards a flank, then turn one march the stonebearer unit right up in the enemies face giving them two things to think about right away

08-11-2010, 22:08
Great weapons and dwarfs go hand in hand-

My 8th ed army looks like this

Master Engineer

40 warriors GW
20 Thunderers, shields
19 Hammerers
2 Cannons
1 Dwarf mortar (counts as a GrudgeThrower)
2 Organ guns

So yeah take Great weapons, unless you have fluff reasons- as in here my army is a dwarf engineer guild-

09-11-2010, 23:57
GW are a pretty good idea except for anvil units

Torpedo Vegas
10-11-2010, 00:19
GW are a pretty good idea except for anvil units
This. If you want to field an anvil, the +1 to Armor and the parry save to weather damage, even with your t4 Dwarfs (and it is Dwarfs).

10-11-2010, 00:23
I kind of want to build a unit of iron breakers since I know the joys of toughness 4,and a 3+ armor save.

But, it would make me really miss the killy-ness of my warriors of Tzeench.

10-11-2010, 10:42
I would go hammerers over Ironbreakers, I choose Ironbreakers as my first special unit but Hammerers have worked much better for me.

Lone slayers are a lot of fun, they are extremely versatile and are only 50 points. They are great for protecting war machines, mage hunting and killing the odd monster (but its safer to take a few wounds of them with your cannon first) Angled correctly they can also line up flank charges for your infantry.

They are venerable to missile fire but if deployed carefully can last long enough find atonement.

10-11-2010, 16:55
Oathstones are... not always the best choice. They take what little movement the Dwarf army has and basically negate it. Sure you don't break, but a large unit of GW weilding cheep dwarf warriors should be just as immovable (steadfast and all).

There are 3 basic setups for dwarf armies, all of which I've had much success with in 8th edition:

The Gunline:
Usually I run 2 Organ Guns, a cannon and 2 Grudge Throwers backed up by blocks of warriors, a defensive lord, quarrelers, and some dragonslayers for warmachine defense and flank charges. With this setup I have destroyed what was considered top tier armies (VC, DoC, new Skaven). Downing a Greater Daemon first turn through combined firepower is just epic, and makes up the warmachine's points in one go.

The Ironwall:
Purely a combat army, this build usually involves several units of dwarf warriors (all armed with GW), maybe longbeards (I've had trouble justifying the extra points when warriors are soooo good by themselves), Quareller rangers (for some fire support) and hammerers with a defensive/killy or defensive lord (for smashing). It is possible to include Ironbreakers though in my opinion hammerers with a defensive lord work just as well as an anvil, but still kill things in droves. It is surprising to say, but Dwarves have become a horde army, Although every model will be equipped with only a 5+ save, the cheaper points cost, ability for units to become stubborn and GWs everywhere really make them successful. A cannon/grudgethrower/organgun is usually recommended for some shooty goodness prior to combat.

The Tunnelers:
While this build is fun, it is not necessarily consistent since your rely on reserve rolls and anvil casts. Basically it is an in your face combat army which works great against gunline armies and works pretty good against others as well. You basically maximize miner and ranger units. (Bugman, Lord with Rune of Brotherhood, etc). Support this with an anvil for added mobility and some dragonslayers or a unit for anvil protection and you basically sprint towards the enemy. Surprisingly this army, if everything goes right, can be more mobile than traditionally "mobile" armies. I have had fun with this build however it is also the build I have the least experience with.

One bonus of dwarfs is that all 3 of these builds can be considered competitive and the army is not pigeonholed into one build to succeed. Now some will work better than others against certain armies, but overall 8th edition has been a breathe of new life for dwarf players.

Note: Never ever ever run a daemonslayer (unless for fun), as they are non-survivable and honestly do just as much damage in combat as a properly equipped lord for the same price. In general slayer units are much harder to manage and use effectively than other units in the army. Solo dragonslayers with no equipment are an epic win though. In most situations I will attempt to take 2/3.

11-11-2010, 12:21
I have to look into this Tunnelers build. I was really tempted by the current miners kit, and it sounds potentially way more mobile than my current tzeentch WoC army.

11-11-2010, 15:21
It definitely has the potential to do great, and will catch many opponents off-guard. Most people assume dwarfs are just a gun-line army. But in this edition there are definitely more options. Like I said above though, it will be really successful against several armies and successful to average against the rest.

It is a blast though. It is also great vs. magic or magic defense based armies. The anvil and rune lord provide decent defense against the magic heavy armies running around. And armies which take defensive measures against magic heavy armies will be at a complete disadvantage since the anvil isn't magic based.

If your friend/gaming group allow special characters the anvil special Thorek is worth his points as he pretty much guarantees you will get the movement when you need it (on several units too!) and is less likely to explode. Otherwise a regular anvil works but your much more likely to only get one unit added movement per turn. Even then you still have 2 units which have already moved forward, and several units which can enter from any edge, so your basically in their face to begin with.

The weak point in this list is protecting the anvil. This can either be done with some dragonslayers, a unit of warriors left behind or you can even bring a unit of your reserve miners onto your table edge to ward off an attack. The positioning of the anvil is also key to making this work. Its lack of mobility and weakness towards some of the rulebook spells are definitely things to watch out for.

18-11-2010, 07:58
I thought of a rough 1000pt list.
thane BSB
25 dwarfs with great weapons with full command
15 miners
12 thunderers
1 cannon
this is around 928, but i haven't really thought about rune selection yet.

I really can't wait til I'm able to use anvil's of doom with their movement ability.

Maarten K
19-11-2010, 08:47
the tunneler army works like a charm and most important is really fun to play. Most opponents underestimate the way you can dictate the battle with whole units of dwarfs appearing form behind.

I have used the variations on the following list:

runelord+anvil+MR of Balance,
BSB with MR of Gromrill
Naked dragonslayer

20 warriors Hw+S
20 warriors Hw+S
20 longbeard rangers with GW
14 thunderers

2 boltthrowers
20 miners with drill
20 miners with drill


in the current edition I will swap the gyro for some more artillery (cannon most likely)

19-11-2010, 09:27
It's great fun playing the tunnelers tactic and I had some sucess with it as well, the combination of anvil+ rangers+miners is just amazing! combine this with some warmachines a bock if Ib, a block och gw wielding warriors and a thunderers/quarrelers unit you are all set. This is basically the list I play and its great fun!