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Evil Hypnotist
08-11-2010, 14:06
Hi all,

I played in my first 3-way game last night, taking on my regular opponent with his High Elves and an 8th newbie's Dwarf gunline. My army list is posted here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=282127. The elves were mainly spearmen, some seaguard, bolt thrower, reavers, a hero with ring of hoeth in a chariot and Alith Anar with a group of Shadow Warriors. The Dwarfs had 2 cannon, 2 units of Thunderers and a unit of warriors where his general resided.

My plan was to split my force between the two, sending the marauders and the knights against the elves and the chosen and warriors to the dwarfs, with a unit of warhounds at each for distraction/annoying war machines. I will say before I begin that I didn't take any notes so this is all off memory, hopefully it will make sense and not sound like verbal diahorrea!

Turn 1

The elves start, manouvre a bit and the hero with chariot moves round the back of ruins between him and my knights. The seaguard shoot and kill about 5 marauders. Alith Anar makes dwarf kebabs out of 4 scouts. and sends them running.

Dwarfs next, the scouts rally and some slight manouvering by the warriors brings them level with the thunderers. The cannon facing off against me hits 2 chosen but my sneaky 4+ ward save (Blasted St. and Mark Of Tzeentch) works a charm. The other cannon lands a ball right at the feet of a unit of HE speamen, missing by half an inch. With the thunderers not in range yet the rest of the turn is conceeded.

Finally something moves! I send everything at march, sticking to my plan.

Turn 2

The reavers move out of cover to close the gap on the dwarfs and the hero moves round the ruins further until he can see my knights. Alith Anar kills another 4 dwarf scouts and the seaguard and bolt thrower kill another few marauders. The crew on the chariot manages to shoot a warhound.

The Dwarf cannon facing off against the elves misfires and explodes into lots of little bits, whilst the one aimed at my warriors just furrows it's ball into the ground in front of them. The thunderers do much better, killing 4 warriors with a good volley.

With a couple of units at extreme charge range I declare with the warhounds on the dwarf cannon crew, which succeeds, and my marauders on the seaguard and knights on the hero (both failing). At this point I realise that both the armies against me are going to just sit there and gang up on me once I get into combat so I turn my warriors and using a successful quick re-form, move them towards the elves. The other warhounds move into cover to come round the back of the elven army in the next turn and the chosen continue towards the dwarf warriors as fast as they could. The warhounds fail to wound any of the dwarf crew and lose one in return, breaking back towards some ruins.

Turn 3

The High Elf Hero charges my knights, successfully hitting home and then moves his reavers to within bow range of a unit of thunderers. In trying to cast an augmentive spell (one that gives a 5+ ward save in combat, I don't know the name sorry) his Hero miscasts and causes a wound on himself and the chariot. The Bolt thrower and seaguard kill another few marauders. The reavers fail to wound anything. Alith finishes off the scouts. In combat, the impact hits of the chariot kill a knight but hitting back manages to take another wound off, forcing a stand-off.

The thunderers show the reavers how it's done and wipe the horselords out. The remaining cannon then grapeshots the fleeing warhounds, destroying the unit and the thunderers wipe out half of the chosen, with me failing 5 out of 6 ward saves! :mad:

I declare with my marauders and make it this time, ramming home against the seaguard and accompanying spearmen. The seaguard stand and shoot, killing another 6 marauders. The chosen and warriors move as fast as they can to their destinations, I was hoping the marauders would survive long enough for the warriors to join them in combat. The knights finish off the hero and chariot and move round the ruins to join the warhounds near the back of the elf battle line. Wulfrik challenges the Seaguard hero and easily wipes him out, the seaguard and spearmen then kill 14 marauders, who hit back and kill 12 themselves. With the extra ranks of the spearmen and standard the marauders only win by a single wound, although this is still enough to break the seaguard, whilst the spearmen keep going.

Turn 4

The seaguard rally and reform, only for the small unit of swordmasters to nick their place and charge in against the marauders. The bolt thrower targets the warriors and misses, Alith then picks off the dwarf rune priest. Wulfrik challenges the spearman champion, again easily killing him but the marauders lose another 10 men, leaving them with only 8. They hit back and kill all but one of the swordmasters but lose the combat and break, the final swordmaster running them down.

The cannon turns it's grapeshot on the chosen but misfire, but the thunderers kill another 3, with me failing 3 out of 4 ward saves again!

At this point it's 10:30pm and we are asked to leave the room we hire so I quickly charge home the chosen champion and standard bearer (the only ones left standing) at the dwarf warriors and challenge his general. I get two wounding hits on him only to find he has an unmodified 1+ armour save! He hits back and causes a wound which I save with my Tzeentch 6+ ward save so we called that mini battle a draw.


High Elves: Hero, reavers, a handful of swordmasters, spearmen, seaguard.

Dwarfs: Rune-preist, scouts, cannon (self-inflicted)

Chaos: Wulfrik, marauders, 9 chosen, 4 warriors, 1 knight, 6 warhounds.

Post-battle analysis:

Well I didn't win! :p This battle really frustrated me because both my opponents had armies set-up for sitting there and waiting for me to come to them. After the first turn I realised I was basically just sending half of my army at each for them to concentrate most of their army's effort into eliminating the closing threat, whilst they barely touched each other (the dwarfs only killed 5 elves!). I was given the option at the start of fielding 3000 points vs both of them and I wished I had done that now. Ho hum.

Anyway it was the first time I had used the marauders in horde which hit as hard as I was expecting, although they just died in droves, the prolonged combat meant the high elves always strikes first rule stopped the horde bonus after the first round of combat and in the end they were killed off quite quickly. They obviously can't be used on their own and need another unit to support them at least, the knights were given that job but got far too occupied with the Hero in the chariot. Wulfrik was great at knocking about the champions but needed to get stuck in on someone a bit bigger I think. I think if I did this game again I would squeeze a hellcannon in there somehow and keep the knights much more central. Being able to roll some ward saves would help too ;)

08-11-2010, 16:23
My conclusions from earlier games is pretty much the same as yours ie that games with three armies all fighting each other usually doesnt work very well since it usually is a good idea not to start fighting.

The only variant that we have had some success with is to award victory points for each army based on kills counted separately for each opponent. When the game is over the lowest VP count is used for each army. In this case the dwarfs would then have gotten points for 5 dead elves but nothing for his kills of WoC since he killed fewer elves. This forces everyone to actually engage both armies in combat unless you can kill one opponent before your opponent can join in the battle.

09-11-2010, 17:55
It really is frustrating playing games like that. Good for you for at least trying.

Evil Hypnotist
09-11-2010, 22:58
Cheers, I got revenge on the High Elves tonight, butchered him with the same list. So all's well that ends well ;)

10-11-2010, 05:46
Hmmm, that was quite interesting. I think with 3-way games the magic is in the details: How each army sets up, what victory conditions there are, etc.

You do need to encourage contact, so awarding VPs only for what your side killed (rather than how much you lost) seems prudent. It's also important to have deployment that does not encourage two to gang up on one (IE I wish there were triangular tables!).

In the end, perhaps a 2 vs 1 game might have been better, like you said. BTW, elves would probably still be hitting your marauders first even without ASF, no?

Thanks for the report anyhow!


Evil Hypnotist
10-11-2010, 08:37
BTW, elves would probably still be hitting your marauders first even without ASF, no?

True, but with ASF and the higher initiative they can re-roll hits in hand-to-hand combat too. I had 23 marauders left at one point in my game last night and he ended up hitting 22 of them, thankfully he rolled badly for wounding hits :cool: