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08-11-2010, 16:44
My friends and I had a great time there this past weekend. I ended up going 3 and 2 with my crazy kroxigor list.

Slann - Lore of Life
Focus of Mystery
Focused Rumination
Higher State of Consioucness
Forbidden Rod
Plaque of Protection

Skink Priest
Dispel Scroll

25 Saurus full command and spears

10 Skinks full command

10 Skinsk full command

10 Skirmishin Skinks with Brave

6 Kroxigor

6 Kroxigor

6 Kroxigor

1 Salamander with extra handler

On Friday night we went to the FFG event center and got some practice game in. Ryan played Kent's WoC first with his HE and got the win while David and I played a game of World of Warcraft the Adventure Game. Then I played Kent's WoC while David and Ryan played Summoner Wars and Citadels.

Kent was able to hit my right flank pretty hard in the meeting engagement scenario with some knights and took out mysally and some skinks, but on teh left side my Krox and saurus started to roll up this warriors. The game ended with a big battle of most of all thre of my krox units and my saurus against his two units of knights, which got me the win.

My first game was against VC with a lot of Ghouls, Vargulf, Grave Guard, Black Coach. I think this type of list is a pretty good match up for me as my guys love the combat and I actually get to have equal WS to a lot of his stuff. I made a move in this game that I am thinking was probably dumb, but it still might have been worth it. I flank charged one of the ghoul units with my krox in the side. I already had my saurus in the front. So charging a flank sounds like a good idea, and it would have been if it hadn't put them in a mist wreathed swamp. I figured I would fail my I test, but I was hoping to only lose 1, 2 or 3 models. I lost 5:( The one remainig Krox did put the smack down though, so maybe it was kind of worth it. The game ended with him just having a Vargulf and Black Coarch. I lost one krox unit, my salamander and one ranked skink unit and my skirmishing skinks. I am sorry I forgot this guys name, but he was one of my favorite opponents of the weekend.

Second game was against Skaven and it was a really wicked list. It had two warp lighting cannons a couple of casters a doom rocket 3 warp fire throwers and 3 plague wind mortars. The scenario was the canyone one, so I had to march across so much table to get to him and there was some impassable stuff messing me up as well. I didn't think I could win this one, but I gave it the old college try and low and behold I got just enough points to get the win. A big part of it was breaking his doomwheel on his last turn and then chargeing it again on my last turn to flee it off the table. When we first added up the points we were only like 75 pts apart, so I said we should check our lists again and I went through and showed him what he had got from me and he went through what I got for him, but he hadn't counted any of the weapons teams. He said he didn't think he needed to, but looked it up and found out he did and then I one by a quite a bit.

The third game was against another Lizard player, but unfortunately he took a more optimal build. He had 4 salamaders to my 1 instead of taking 3 units of krox he had three big blocks of saurus and his slann was way more powerful than mine with becalming and a powerscroll. The game was mostly decided when he dwellered my slann. I still tried to win some combats, but things were real rough for me after that. So I suffered my first loss on my last game of the day.

That night we played some Chaos in the Old World and Summoner Wars which was a ton of fun, but we stayed up way too late.

My first game on day two was another VC player with a fairly similar list to my first VC matchup, but he had two vargulfs and another vampire as well as some skellies. This was the meeting engagement scenario and he split the table and then picked the side that had a house on it so he could deploy his lord and necromancer in there with his skellies. My first turn I had a really great magic phase where I dwellered a little less than half of one of his large ghould blocks, but more importanly his lore of death vampire with purple sun failed his strength test by rolling a six. This made the rest of the game a lot better for me. I almost one the game on my second turn when I charged the building with one of my krox units. He sent out ten skellies and I beat them down to a man and suffered and he was forced to kill the rest of his skellie unit and put a wound on his necro and two wounds on his lord. If I could have gotten two more combat res somehow I would have seen the rest of his army crumble. as it stood I had to win some crucial combats to get this game. Luckily I was able to get rid of his grave guard and bsb as well as teh ghoul unit that had been weakedn by dwellers. I lost one of my units of krox to a rear charge from a vargulf, but I kept pretty much the rest of my army on the board although a lot of it was severly weakened, so I got another win.

My last game of the tourney was against Alex Davey who has a really cool themed Middenheim/Ulrician Empire army. The list he brought seemed very fair as well, especially seeing some the lists with crazy amounts of war machines. The scenario was blood and glory which I liked so I could get close to him right away and get shot less. He had a mortar, cannon, crossbows, a big unit of handgunners, a steamtanks, archlector, level four, bsb on steed in unit of great weapon knighs, pistoliers, flagellants, and teutogen guard(greatswords. This was one of my closest tensest games and there were several times the game could have went either way. I failed some key charges on the first turn that could have really helped me, but one of the worst things that happened was a miasma on my Kroxifor that made them WS1 against his knights. I think i woud have one that combat then and he would have been able to get his BSB to my slann, where he broke him to get my fortitude to 2 and win the game. I really shouldn't have broken there either with my cold blooded rerollable, but without winning the battle vs the knights I think the game was basically over for me anyway as he was going to run his one remaining knight out of reach to save that huge chunk of points. It was one of my favorite games though as the battles were really tense and we were never sure which way the dice would roll, also Alex has a great attitude and beautiful army which makes the game extra fun.

I was really happy with the Twisted Troops performance Ryan was playing on table 2 and had a shot at overall, but ended up going 4-1 and getting best HE general. Kent and I both went 3-2 and it will be interesting to see where we sit on overall points. I will definitely be trying to hit this tourney again next year.

08-11-2010, 21:44
That is a very interesting list :)

Nice to see something that isn't your standard boring lizardmen list, plus you won with it! :D

08-11-2010, 22:10
That is a very interesting list :)

Nice to see something that isn't your standard boring lizardmen list, plus you won with it! :D

Thanks, I think most of my opponents found it to be a breath of fresh air too, as there were a lot of life stars in attendance.

09-11-2010, 02:25
Thanks for the nice little reports, and thanks for bringing an interesting lizard list! I'm thrilled to see krox hit the table in force as well as a slann that I don't need to pick up and throw across the room :P

- Salvage

09-11-2010, 15:10
Thanks for the nice little reports, and thanks for bringing an interesting lizard list! I'm thrilled to see krox hit the table in force as well as a slann that I don't need to pick up and throw across the room :P

- Salvage

Thanks:) No one threw my Slann, but he did tip over and the attendant broke off:(