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08-11-2010, 23:27
Hi all,

Bought the IoB game and dragged out all our WFB from the loft, a fair amount of stuff in there (DE, O & G, Emp, Dwfs, Skv & HE).

From our group, I normally used to play HE (but take my hand to anything) and fancied getting a competitive list but will have to have a go at starting it from the following models

20 HE Archers
20 HE Spearmen
15 LSG
10 Silver Helms
10 SMoH
10 E lt cav
10 PG
The old Teclis HE model
HE mage from IoB
HE prince/noble on barded steed
HE BsB on barded steed
Griffon with HE prince/noble

Now excluding the Griffon which I'm not bothered about, thats around 2400 points (give or take)

Our armies are around 2500 points but to take all above does not leave me with much magic items/banners etc

Can anyone of you HE veteran Lords help me fine tune from the above list to get it a bit more dandy?

I also am happy to stick my hand in my pocket to get some more stuff, for example, a lot of the units above appear weak or fragile. Also, I think that the DP & WL are also cool looking but then I already have SH and SMoH and PG so maybe should just work with what I have first!!

Any ideas, greatly appreicated.

Torpedo Vegas
09-11-2010, 03:41
Here is your fist tip for 8th edition, and which applies to most armies:
The Lothern Sea Guard, Spearmen and and Sword Master units are far too small. Can you please also post point values along with your lists? You may get the mods mad.

09-11-2010, 19:21
Sorry, I thought I'd get in bother for posting the points costs? Are you supposed to do that?

I thought about dropping the 10 Lt horse and bulking up the core units a bit to maybe 20 LSG, 20 SMoH and 30 Spears.Its annoying you can't buy an upgrade pack of SMoH like you can the sea guard mind you.

09-11-2010, 19:33
Posting individual model/item costs is prohibited but you can say that unit A with B, C and D costs a total of X.

As for High Elves in 8th edition, most armies are running a Lv4 and a Bsb as their main characters.

In general, the bigger the unit the better. (I wouldn't apply this logic to Archers though...keep them at 10.)

Your Spearmen and LSG generally want to be fielded in units of 24+. (6x4 is quite common.)

White Lions, Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard are generally fielded in units of 18+ (6x3 is quite common).

With all that in mind though, my main bit of advice would be to start small. It's very difficult to find what works for you with "straight-from-the-box" 2500pt games.

You might also want to try the thread below, the army list forum tends to be quiet. ;)