View Full Version : First beastmen list - 1500 points

Dr. Mowinckel
09-11-2010, 01:54
Iím thinking of starting a beastmen army, so I sat down with a friend and worked on a list. We came up with this and I would like to hear some thoughts on it.

Great bray-shaman (Lore of beast)
Chalice of dark rain
Total: 240

BSB, Heavy armour, shield, ramhorn helm, gnarled hide, gold sigil sword
Pts: 242

Bray-shaman (lore of beast)
Dispel scroll
Prs: 100

24 ungor
Spears, musican, standartbearer
Pts: 153

24 gors
2 hand weapons, full command
Pts: 217

8 ungor raiders
Pts: 48

Tuskgor Chariot
Pt: 80

Razorgor chariot
Pts: 145

Pts: 275

Total: 1500 points

The idea is to run the great bray-shaman behind the army with the ungor raiders, the gorbull with the ungors and the bray-shaman with the gors. Iím planning on casting the signature spell from lore of beast to extent the survivability of my units, and also mark them rather hardhitting in close combat.

Im hoping to form up a strong battleline with the gors and the ungors, with chariots and the ghorgon on the sides.

Your thoughts?