View Full Version : REQEST: High resoution thunderbolt pics

28-05-2005, 21:25
i am loking at doing dome vectors of a thunderbolt fighter but i need some high resoution pcis to use as a refernce.. scanning ia 1 did not work to well.. if any one has any high quality shrap pics of thunderbolts they could send to alterion@gmail.com i would be very grateful

Puffin Magician
29-05-2005, 01:37
Falling short of not actually owning a Forgeworld Thunderbolt or having someone who does photograph it, your best resource would likely be Forgeworld's own gallery (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/thunderbolt.htm), or doing a quick image google for "FW Thunderbolt", as the fighter's name is used for an existing WWII aircraft, the P-47 and those aren't the images you're searching for.

29-05-2005, 09:10
i treid the weebie but those pics are quite low quality and not realy suitable for vecotr wwork where you need to be able to zoom in to see small details.

the spook
29-05-2005, 17:19
Vector work? Are you trying to make a scalable file, or are you trying to make a vector drawing over the picture? You should see some the crap i've done with shoddy pics...

29-05-2005, 17:23
adobe illustrator stuff.. i have been just geeting in to it so i suppose a vector drwaing over a picture..

the spook
30-05-2005, 05:03
You really don't need high res pics for that stuff if you're just copying the outlines of the thing, do you?

What kind of stuff do you do Alterion? I'd love to see some of your work. I'll post some of my bad photoshopping for some fun comparison... :)

Heres a copy of my old landspeeder pic. I'd like to think i inspired a similair picture in the new SM dex...

the other is brother erasmus - he's on night patrol...

I had another with the new hive tyrant, but i lost that one to the recycle bin...

30-05-2005, 10:50
ouch i am not that good.. tbh i am still a bit of a newb at this kind of thing but feel to check out my da gallery.. alterion.deviantart.com not got that mush good stuff in there though.. i am doing 2 vecotrs atm that are a lot nicer (imo) than the stuff in my gallery