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09-11-2010, 23:09
BEWARE this list has been made using army builder so there could be some errors! ^_^

Bretonnian Lord (General)
Barded Warhorse
Virtue of Knightly Temper
Cuirass of Fortune
Tress of Isolde
This guy eats Knights, Monsters and not-too-killy-characters... I've only tried him twice so far and both times he was very successful, tearing through Chaos Warriors and Orc Warbosses with ease.

Prophetess of the Lady
Level 4
Lore of Heavens
Barded Warhorse
Silver Mirror
Ruby Goblet
I play against quite a bit of warmachines and high-str attacks and the goblet REALLY helps a lot, works wonders against miscasts as well. The Silver Mirror is fun and I love the utility of Heavens

Damsel of the Lady
Level 2
Lore of Beasts
Dispel Scroll
I play against a LOT of magic so a second scroll is needed, also the MR shields my knights a bit and the buffing from Beasts isn't too bad, she's killed quite a few guys with Amber Spear in the two games I've used her in

Damsel of the Lady
Level 1
Lore of Life
Chalice of Malfleur
Ironcurse Icon
Magic Defence and Warmachine Defence for the Men-at-arms. Lore of Life in case she gets hurt by the Chalice

Paladin Battle Standard Bearer
Barded Warhorse
Gromril Great Helm
Potion of Toughness
This guy has challenged both Orc Warbosses and Chaos Lords and allowed me to break their units through combat

11 Knights of the Realm
Full Command

8 Knights of the Realm
Full Command

6 Knights Errants
Full Command
Yeah I'm playing Bretonnia so... knights!

35 Men At Arms
Standard Bearer

20 Peasant Bowmen
Smelly peasants... I don't have any more models but I'm considering buying another full unit of Men At Arms... they're actually quite decent with some buffs :p

3 Pegasus Knights
Flying horsies are cool :cool: Warmachine Hunting, Skirmisher killers... extra CR in a pinch...

Field Trebuchet

Field Trebuchet
Str5(10) stonethrowers for 90pts? YES PLEASE! :D

24% Lord
15% Heroes
44% Core
7% Special
8% Rare

I'm considering adding some Questing Knights... maybe some more peasants and any ideas on my character section would be very helpful :D

09-11-2010, 23:22
Nice List, my major concern is your lack of knights, particularly of long lances.

Id cut some points in characters, drop the level 1 as she dosnt add much, and switch the silver mirror for a scroll (a single str 6 hit isnt worth it for 20 points, as most important characters have ward saves and there are no half point characters anymore. If I were you I would also drop the level 2, or at least drop her to a level 1 and just cast the sig spell.

Increase the other realm knight unit to 11, this will help break stubborn, occasionally get stubborn of your own, and give +1CR and 2 extra str 5 attacks.

Hope this helps

09-11-2010, 23:34
Hmm I might drop the level 1 Damsel... I'm not sure... Most of the armies I play against have a minimum of 2 stone throwers/mortars so the icon is pretty nice and EVERYONE plays magic heavy so the chalice adds a bit along with the MR... Not sure...

I can't switch the Silver Mirror for a scroll since I already have one, this is pretty much the reason why I took it so that I can have two guaranteed dispells. Dropping her to level one is a pretty good idea though I think, she doesn't REALLY need that level ^_^

On the Knights... I have 25 already and I'm a BIT hesitant to adding more simply because so far I haven't needed them. The three wide frontage always gives me the opportunity to double charge things that is unlikely to break and so far there's not anything I've failed to break on the charge barring a unit of 60 Goblins with Nets, a Lord and a BSB :P I broke them on turn two ;)

Maybe bump up the 8 man Knight unit to 10 so it goes to 12 with Damsel + BSB/Lord... Not completely sold on the idea though... I'm assuming you're thinking I'll need it if I deploy my units on different sides so they can't support each other? I guess in that case it could be beneficial... I'd probably bump up the Errants instead then and add the Errantry Banner to use as a sledgehammer...

Any thoughts on this? ^_^ Thanks for your reply :D

10-11-2010, 01:46
On the Knights... I have 25 already and I'm a BIT hesitant to adding more simply because so far I haven't needed them. The three wide frontage always gives me the opportunity to double charge things that is unlikely to break and so far there's not anything I've failed to break on the charge barring a unit of 60 Goblins with Nets, a Lord and a BSB :P I broke them on turn two ;)

This statement alone lets me know you don't play any skaven :p. I do have one question, along those lines, however; exactly what kind of armies do you face regularly? And are planning on doing tournaments with this list?

Now the following is assuming you plan on creating an all-comers list (I am not bashing a tailored store list but these ideas are keeping every single army in mind)
My first point would be to drop the lvl 1 mage completely, you need more models asap.
Bump the lvl 2 to a lvl 1 while eliminating most of her gear(by most I mean all). HOWEVER, if you really fear magic then my advice would be to keep the silver mirror but drop the dispel scroll and take the feedback scroll. The mirror ensures you can stop a game winning spell while the feedback scroll really punishes a wizard for even thinking about getting a nasty spell off.
Now, Suze Orman style.
Men at arms APPROVED.
Peg Knights APPROVED.
Trebs OMFG APPROVED (people think they are broken, listen pal it's all brets got in the shooting department so go have a beer and chill)

What to do with the extra points? Well personally I would actually do something weird, my vote would be to drop the 8 man Knight realm unit to six and use them as a backyard cleaner aka stop any pesky skirmisher or flying units that get to your rear. The six man unit can also hang out with the peasants too. Doing this, combined with dropping the mage, should give you AT LEAST enough point to get an errant unit, with errantry banner, at twelve strong. Now you will have two good buses with great support. You will still be way behind the eight ball against horde lists but you should be able to punch holes then deny points later in the game.

Just my 2 cents.

10-11-2010, 12:08
Armies I play against (no local club just friends and their friends :p) regulary:

Night Goblins (Some Orc Characters and sometimes a Chariot or Two), he has 300+ Goblins in his list :P

Lizardman army with a Slann and a good mix between units, sometimes fielded with two stegadons though...

Empire semi-gunline TONS of magic and shooting with some meele blocks, occationally a unit of Inner Circle Knights

Warriors of Chaos with a Tzeentch mage with a 2+ Wardsave of some kind. Chosen, 1+ War Shrines and at least one Hell Cannon.

Ogres, High Elves and Dwarves very rarely (these players aren't very good though so I could probably beat them with any army)

All of these armies feature at LEAST a level 4 and a level 2

Dropping the level one seems to be the general consensus so I'll probably do that, the extra dispel is useful but I guess 2-3 knights do a little more :p

I will not be taking the Feedback Scroll, I love the idea behind it but it never does anything for me. On average you get two wounds on a six dice cast and then they have to go through ward saves... It's just not worth it I'd rather stop a WAAAGH spell or Infernal Gateway... The worst save I've seen on a Level 4 so far is 4+ so yeah...

The Errant sledgehammer idea is appealing I admit I think I'll try it out and see how it does :D New BSB rules makes the Impetuous Test a bit more reliable too ^_^

Thank you for you input ^_^ More comments are welcome!

Any thoughts on my Lord/Paladin setup?